What kind of bug bugs are my plants hosting?

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by Shovelhandle, Feb 9, 2011.

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    Saw a few the other day and many more today. They only appear on the underside of lower, dying leaves on one strain (that has very crispy, dying leaves and no evidence of eggs. The leaves are dying because the grow is almost complete. Also, they stay on the darker corners of the grow area. I looked through all kinds of pest id pictures and I've seen nothing like them (maybe they're not to 'pesty'). Of course I don't want them to multiply and contaminate the smoke. I sprayed them with safer insecticidal soap and later thoroughly rinsed all that off. They look like little dull black dots. They are not spider mites. Under a microscope they look like a weevil's body without the sucking tube mouth and they are greenish. They squish green.
    I removed all the leaves where I could cut the petiole (stemy part) as the trichomes are mostly cloudy and I plan on harvesting as soon as the soil dries out in about a week. I also bombed the grow area while I had all the plants out for watering, trimming and washing. With the excellent light penetration I should be able to control these buggies a lot easier.

    Anyone know what these may be?

    Thank you!

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    I had three thousand gnats commit ritual suicide on my kitchen counter tops last night. Not sure what that was all about?...:jointsmile:

    normally, they like my cooking
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    Eww, thinking of the clean up. :jointsmile:
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    Squishy and green? sounds like aphids,.... never seen aphids indoors.

    Tho it's NOT bug season here! :Rasta: -8 this morning according to my car! :eek:
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    not aphids, spider mites or thrips. I saw them under a scope Maybe they aren't very pesty. They seem to be dead/gone. One more week and I'll cut and hang and toss the soil far away.

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