What kind of sugars for carb feeding??

Discussion in 'Organic Growing' started by free2seed, Sep 2, 2010.

  1. free2seed

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    Ive read the molases thread but was wondering if you can use things such as regular white sugar or brown sugar from the market?
    I had used some blackberry syrup thats made up of just sugar and blackberrys and did about a tablespoon per gallon and was wondering if this is acceptable?? What other substitutes can be used other than molases itself?? Thanks!
  2. kwaaluudekid

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    from what I've read, the only 2 sugars really used was molasses (mostly in flower) and corn syrup (to aide in root development). I've used a teaspoon of corn syrup in water in a spray bottle to spray on clones in rockwool and gotten good results and good roots systems. the only problem with using this mixture for foliar feeding is that you have to spray/rinse corn syrup off after a few sprays (you can see build up on leaves). molasses also made a difference at end of last grow (found out about it kinda late in grow)
  3. free2seed

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    cool thanks, I think ill just go ahead with molases since that is pretty much a garanteed thing. I just hope the blackberry syrup didnt negitively effect the girls
  4. Weedologist

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    Is it ok to use molasses during veg too?
  5. kwaaluudekid

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    sorry for the late response...lotta BS going around right now @ home

    I've only used molasses during flower (found out about it when flowering last harvest) and from what I'm reading, you CAN use it during veg, but the differences aren't really worth the whole regime you hafta go thru. Most people only use during flower, and some don't use the WHOLE flower season. I haven't used it for a whole season yet, right now is my 1st full flowering season with it - will be done for thanksgiving. My suggestion is to read a little more about it and decide for yourself how you want to try it to see if it works for you (I've also read that it may/maynot work well for some strains (ie the benefits are really noticeable). the "3 little B's" have a nice lil page about it (The 3LB’s Molasses Manual - A Marijuana Growers Guide To Soil Sweeteners) that helped me understand a lil more to try for myself.

    Hope this helps and Happy Growing
  6. energyefficient

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    un sulfured organic black strap molasses. whole foods is a good place to find it.
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  7. rcpilot04401

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    I've used maple syrup myself...up here in maine there is plenty of that around, and it gave my babies a very sweet taste
  8. All Day & All Night

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    Take a banana and let it rott and freeze it, than crumble it and use it in your 5 gallon soil for some magic. I also use Date Syrup, but usually Black Strap @ 1 t-spoon per gallon of rain water once a week. Don't over do, it they can only use so much.
  9. MASuperSkunkTLO

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    Absolutely. I Just start off at 1 TSP per gal and work up to 1 TBS during flowering. But i know people who use crazy amounts to get the bacteria multiplying. Do your own research, there are so many good growers and info on here just gotta dig a lil, but Molasses is awesome in fully organic grows. :thumbsup:. Lots of carbs and sugars for the plant as well as iron, cal and mag. Consider researching on some compost tea (AACT) if you already have the molasses sitting around. Its crazy good for your soil. And has many other bennys, too many to list if it's used right.
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    Do you add the blackstrap as well as the banana?? Or is it one or the other?? Also, what is the benefit of using the banana besides obv potassium advantages?? Never heard this one before, but it does sound interesting.
  11. dickiefickle

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    Did it say to use white sugar ? NO it did not . Pretty simple for most folks .
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  12. gardenermendo

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    Here are some informative links:


    I use KoolBloom during the last half of flowering, as the phosphorous and potassium tell the plant to increase bud size.

    The only way to know how/what different bloom supplements do for you, is to do adequate testing. Don't mix supplements in your tests, and grow several plants each with different products, and take careful note of your results.

    Does anyone know of any good true side-by-side testing using molasses?
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