what language is spoke there??

Discussion in 'Netherlands' started by stonerneedsrealweed, Apr 26, 2006.

  1. like in a-dam i am thinking about visiting ovet there next 4/16-4-26
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    lol stoney can if i can ask where are u from man ;") Be glad to meet people from all around the world .Me - bulgarian who uses mj for pleasure not because addicted or can't live without :p but after all we all need a single ...
    aaah this shit is good!)
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    Hiya folks in Local Netherlands,

    Not many active people in this local, odd! I'm from The Netherlands, with all advantages thereof! I am even growing my five legal plants outdoors in the garden :Rasta:

    I wonder why so little dutch people are active on this forum, it's the best cannabis forum on the net!
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    Man this is a question I wanted to make for a long time I know that a lot of people understand english in there but what's your primary language?
    I want to know because I'm from Portugal and I want to graduate and work and live in Holand so I want to learn the language at least the basics before I go there.
    I'll be waiting, thanks !:thumbsup:
  5. amsterdammed

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    they speak dutch in holland, it stems from germanic but there are also many french and english words in the language.
    about 90% of dutch speak english at a 'high' level, which makes it easy to live in this wonderful little country.
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    I love Holland
    Ik hou van Nederland

    Can I buy some cannabis
    Mag ik cannabis kopen

    I lived there and they are the most amazing people when it comes to languages , most of them speak at least two , English is taught in thier schools as a second language and they are very proud of thier abilities(rightly so IMO)
    Out of respect and also for my own convenience I learned Dutch/Nederlandse .
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    i wanna get a job there when i graduate university cos i wanna grow cannabis but if i have a job in a different country i wont exactly be able to stay in netherlands long enough to take care of the plants na mean so i wanna live there and smoke weed
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    Dutch is spoken there, but most people do understand English. For sure in Coffeeshops

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