What sativa strains give you the best 'up' high?

Discussion in 'Strains and Seeds' started by Sam, May 19, 2004.

  1. Sam

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    I would like to know what sativa strains give you the best cerebral 'up' high or energy buzz, and get you the least stoned/couch locked, like some indica strains can.

    These should be the most energizing strains that are good for smoking before going out.
    Also which seed banks stock the best (and cheapest) White Widow seeds?
    Thanks, S.
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  2. roostanz

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    hey dude

    hey dude,i may be a bit biased but i would reccommend "KIWI GREEN"100% sativa from new zealand.really sneaky stone kinda hits ya in the back of the head when ya least expect it heheheh.it took us 7 years to get it to our high standards but it was fun doing it .if you by chance would like to try some or whatever get back to me ok cool
  3. mack43

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    Hey Dude,

    I would be interested in "KIWi Green"...shout back at me.
  4. Striker

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    The world renowned White Russian from Serious Seeds has 22% THC ! This is the highest level in a plant that I know off. This is a indica strain however, in the sativa world, the Kali Mist is a killer strain for you're need. Drop by our store and check our selection, we have low prices strains to expensive World best strains.

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  5. roostanz

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    hey dude,leave me an e-mail addy so i can contact ya dude and see if we can work something out ok cool
  6. mack43

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  7. king cola

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    skunk no1 has a good high and its 87.5% sativa
  8. Sam

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    Thanx for the info.
  9. Dr.Phil

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    Striker...22% is not the best around. MrNice from sensi is reputed to have more but MTFuck has been tested by the DEA to have up to 32%. WR is a SOG strain, not much good for sgrog or outdoors as it yields little by itself. Single column plants very little branching. Serious AK47 is much heavier branching and grows good indoors and outdoors. It is stronger and mucher more soaring than their WR. More potent and higher yields of higher quality buds than WR. The sativa pheno is the best, takes a little longer to finish 60day approx but has a superb stone that is intense, electric, longlasting, soaring and very hard to beat in anybodies books. Be they beginers or commercial men.

    ...we'll now go to a break and we'll be back in a minute with what the brokenhearted can do to fix that problem with...
  10. hondo

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    the k-2 i have,well hits u fast and u will catch yourself doing grout work in the bathroom at 3 in the morning
  11. llamaman666

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    try the AK-48 from weedseedshop.com, its fairly expensive 50 x10, but yields enormous emounts outdoors, ive gotten a pound!. Their white widdow is good, but a bit pricy.

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