What should seedlings look like at 3-4 days after poped soil?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by vantranist, Oct 1, 2007.

  1. vantranist

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    My seedlings (aurora indica) poped soil about on friday and today is monday, They dont seem to have much growth going on above surface atleast, They are short and stout only about an inch - half inch long... no stretching with nice green leaves (with the exeption of 1)

    The furthest one along is i can just see the second set of true leaves appearing, however they are very small and the first true set on any of them isnt getting any bigger... WHERES ALL THE GRWOTH GOING?

    13 in Away from a 400w mh, with fan inbetween for heat and such.

    Seedling starting soil (jiffys)
    getting water from a pond outside my house
    some superthive at the beggning but stoped its use a day ago.

    When should i see the leaves start taking off?

    they look healthy with the exeption of 1 seedling witch has browing starting from the middle of each true leafe progressing 2 the end. No other plants show these signs and they have all been treated fairly.... Possibly the superthrive hit this one the hardest but i stoped using it, and i here superthrive doesnt burn plants.
  2. luvtogrow

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    They don't look like much after just 3 days from popping. The first "leaves" that you see are actually colyedons and don't continue to grow as a true leaf. The next leaves will be single prong and at day 3-4 are quite small usually. The first "true leaves" are 3 prong and you should see those clearly at the end of the 1st week, generally. At that point they will take off. Depending on growing conditions, they can start quite slowly and end up monsters. I find that when I start a seedling too soon under an mh or hps light they grow very slowly for a while, until accustomed to the brighter light. I like 10days minimum under daylight floros.
  3. vantranist

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    Thanks much, im just a little worried because like 5 months ago i did a little shitty grow with bag seed, 1 CFL and it stayed like that for 25 days with a 7 inch 2 mm wide stem lol...
  4. Opie Yutts

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    Sometimes it takes a week or two for them to really start showing signs of growth.
  5. Mr. Clandestine

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    One of the cardinal rules of growing your own medicine, and one that can be utterly maddening, is learning how to be patient! If they've broken the soil and are sprouting their first true leaves after mere days, then they're on the right track. They are expending more energy right now developing an extensive root system that's branching from the taproot. Give it another couple of weeks before you start to go haywire, because if everything keeps progressing the way they seem to be right now, you should have some very pretty (and bushy) plants to tend to.

    Good luck! :Rasta:
  6. Dutch Pimp

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    you need a better source of water
  7. Opie Yutts

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    Who knows? If it's PHed maybe there are all kinds of little microorganisms that might be benificial. I'd bet it wouldn't hurt, but Dutch is probably right. At least until the plant is in obvious vigorous growth it would be much more safe to use distilled water.
  8. vantranist

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    I heard pond water is bets because all the benifitail bacteria and things, and is well balenced.
  9. Dutch Pimp

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    ...well...potting soil is nearly sterile when sold...you don't know what's in that pond water....if you can't drink it.......I wouldn't use it...IMO...:pimp:

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