What size pots should i use on auto's

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    Hey guys, im starting my first grow, and i kinda ran into a little issue. I have more seeds than i do pots, and i dont have anymore room under my MH light. I currently have 12 3 gallon pots with 12" dishes under them. I put all 12, 3 gallons pots under my lights but i realized i have around 20 seeds i want to try to grow.

    Can i leave my normal plants in the 3 gallon pots, and put the Auto flowering strains in smaller pots? Like 1-2 gallon pots?

    To be more specific the auto strains are: Auto bomb THC and Barney's Auto Pineapple Express. Then i have a mixture of regular Feminized seeds, mainly Northern Lights, and White widow strains.

    Thanks in advance
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    I've run some autos in 2 gallon pots. These plants were between 20-24" at harvest.
    The roots filled the container nicely. If they had been any larger, I think a 3 gallon would be better.
    There was no appreciable difference between the plants, in 2 and 3 gallon.
    I don't think I'd go any smaller than 2, in soil.

    If you are in coco, you may be able to pull off the 1 gallon pots.
    A lot depends on how the plant finishes.
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