What specifically produces trichomes and THC?

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    Is there a specific nutrient that promotes trichome/THC production? Or some kind of stress method?

    I've heard that one of the uses for trichomes in nature is to protect the plant from insects and that the oil protects the leaves from excess sunlight. So how can we reproduce that effect indoors?

    And what is it that makes strains such as White Widow so much different than other strains and how can we encourage extra trichome production in an average commercial plant?

    I hope I'm explaining this right and I know that's a lot of questions. :cool:
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    some people go and buy reptile lights at a pet store that have specifically uva and uvb rays, i have never tried it but i have heard it promotes more trichomes
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    Does HPS lights, like Hortilux, have a good range of UVA -UVB?
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    If you are growing an indoor crop and want the most trichomes (resin), leave your plant in the dark the last 2 or 3 days before you pull them up. this is when you should flush the plant of nutrients.

    in leaving the plant in the dark, you will force the plant to produce more resin because the plant thinks it's going to die. the marijuana plant produces resin as a means to help catch more pollen from the male plant. however if it's not pollinized, the plant keeps producing resin. well when you leave it in the dark it goes into "overload" and vigorously tries to catch pollen--by producing resin.

    in response to your question as to why white widow is so different, it is determined by the plant's genetics. some humans are more prone to develop cancer due to genetics--some marijuana plants are more prone to develop higher THC levels for the same reason.

    i got that from the cannabis grow bible.
  6. keeko

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    great info, will try that next time
  7. Arklenao2

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    doves uvb really help?
    on the box it says it encourages mating
  8. Arklenao2

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    they have cfl uvb lights at petco, what will it do for my plant, if anything?
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    two weeks before cropping you want to drop the temp in your room as low as possible for a very short time each 'morning', the plant feels winter in the air and speeds up resin production.
    This crop I will be treating my ladies to a burst of CO2 from an extinguisher to drop the temp and replicate the onset of winter.
    And bang on as much light as you can.
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    this statement isnt ENTIRELY true...

    Darkness enduces the flowering hormone in cannabis, this is why the lights go to 12/12, when you leave the plant in the dark, it will constantly enduce the hormone, but, without the right amount of stored energy, (from light the previous day) and light to develop the bud after darkness, all you end up with is pre-mature buds. also resin doesnt catch pollen, thats what pistils are for.

    if you are thinking of giving your plants and extended dark period, do it a week and two days before harvest, then, a week from harvest, flush and switch back to 12/12 for the last week, that way the extra buds produced in the extended dark period can mature, and any light/energy the plant recieves would usually be used to mature those buds, thus meaning the plant wont create many more immature buds, and the bud will be a little more consistently and evenly grown...

    leaving you with more bud/active resin...
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    ummm, sorry, but i gotta shoot this one down. the method being discussed is to be done AT HARVEST. this means that the buds are ripe and ready to be cut. not premature or underdeveloped. exposure to light breaks down thc. this is why you harvest just before the lights come on. an extended dark period DOES increase thc levels, but by miniscule amounts.

    as for resin not catching pollen, sorry, also false. two of the MAIN reasons for resin is to "hold" seeds in place, and to help catch pollen. the pistils collect pollen, and a seed is made.

    this sounds like a surefire way to induce (note spelling) hermieism.... why alter the light cycle before harvest?

    sorry ab, but you need to reread a little...
  12. Abattoir Dream

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    i mean the buds would be premature if you did it at harvest, and dont say they wouldnt..

    well actually ive heard THC while its on the plant reacts well to UVA and UVB light, so how can that be degrading it? light degrades it when u dry it out..

    pistils catch pollen, resin doesnt.. its not there for holding in seeds either..
    resin is there so bugs wont eat the seeds...

    actually no, towards the end of a weed plants life in nature, days get alot shorter, therefore increasing the amount of darkness, there are also guides about changing light cycles, in which you have longer dark periods, which in turn make buds bigger, and extends time till harvest, so it can be done..

    maybe your just too worried about hermies... i dunno.. i havent had any problems before... surely if it was gonna hermie it already would have...

    im not gonna argue... so just forget it..
  13. Scarlet Sky

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    first, uva does nothing to the plants at all. uva is blacklight. it's uvB that helps...

    next, if your buds are matured and ready for harvest, how the hell are they premature? what ARE you talking about?

    resin doesn't "catch" pollen? have you ever pollenated a plant? get a microscope and check out a pistil, tell me what you see...

    and ANY light breaks down thc at ANY time; that's why you harvest and dry and cure and store IN THE DARK!

    yes, it CAN be done, but it's best to keep them on a true schedule until harvest. if you go total dark for 72 hours before harvesting, you can up the thc level by up to 5 % (which means if you have 20% thc, you would end up with 5% of 20, whic is one percent... total thc would be 21%

    this method is done at harvest, not ten days before. plants can deal with more dark easier than they can more light, but it's still stressful.

    hermie's can ruin a crop, especially a perpetual one, so by not taking the chance you are "paying your insurance". and, plants are more apt to hermie in the couple of weeks before harvest. just as they kick out male flowers if they go for too long.

    you're not? why? that's what this last post was... an argument. nothing wrong with a little debate; i used to coach you under a different name, sweetie. i want you to roam the boards with CREDIBLE knowledge. plus, i don't want to see you get laughed at. you are being watched by several vets here.

    if you need a refference to anything here, just let me know, i'll be glad to find you articles or links.

    love, Sky
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    I tried it on my last flower cycle and saw increased tricromes right away. I used 2 160w Mercury Vapor self-ballasted bulbs along with a 400w hps. They put out some uv light. After adding those lights it was like the plant got frost on it! I had a great harvest of skunk #1.
  15. Bree1978

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    Here is some info....Ultraviolet - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Applications of UV

    [edit] Black lights

    A bird appears on every Visa credit card when held under a UV light source.A black light is a lamp that emits long wave UV radiation and very little visible light. Fluorescent black lights are typically made in the same fashion as normal fluorescent lights except that only one phosphor is used and the normally clear glass envelope of the bulb is replaced by a deep bluish purple glass called Wood's glass.

    To thwart counterfeiters, sensitive documents (e.g. credit cards, driver's licenses, passports) may also include a UV watermark that can only be seen when viewed under a UV-emitting light. Passports issued by most countries usually contain UV sensitive inks and security threads. Visa stamps and stickers such as those issued by Ukraine contain large and detailed seals invisible to the naked eye under normal lights, but strongly visible under UV illimunation. Passports issued by the United States have the UV sensitive threads on the last page of the passport along with the barcode.

    [edit] Fluorescent lamps
    Fluorescent lamps produce UV radiation by ionising low-pressure mercury vapour. A phosphorescent coating on the inside of the tubes absorbs the UV and converts it to visible light.

    The main mercury emission wavelength is in the UVC range. Unshielded exposure of the skin or eyes to mercury arc lamps that do not have a conversion phosphor is quite dangerous.

    The light from a mercury lamp is predominantly at discrete wavelengths. Other practical UV sources with more continuous emission spectra include xenon arc lamps (commonly used as sunlight simulators), deuterium arc lamps, mercury-xenon arc lamps, metal-halide arc lamps, and tungsten-halogen incandescent lamps.

    end Quote.

    MORE importantly read:

    Light disagreement

    Happy Growin' and Tokin' :jointsmile: Bree
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    I got to say...another basic growing question in the Advanced techniques board...

    I wonder does posting stupid basic questions all over the advanced techniques board make some of you all feel special?..It does make some of you look special. lol
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    Why do you feel the need to post everytime you move a thread? Its great that you don't think that they're in the correct thread and all but no need to call these poor people out left and right aye aye aye
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    haha, if you want more resin, drop your humididty! duh!, resin is a protector! i dont know about the other claims resin does, but i know its primary reason is for protecting the plant from drying out, fans help create more resin. The resin builds up on the leafs to retain moisture when its dry out and they feel like there beeing robbed of moisture. The more they get on the leaves the more is just all around made.
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    If people would read and comprehend, then I could spend my time teaching instead of cleaning or answering unnecessary question's from peeps like you! Now! Does that answer your question? Keep in mind. I in no way have to answer you...So you are taking time from someone that needs support, just for me to answer yet another dumb question.
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    latewood, you happen to be in the basic growing forum. this is like the third time ive seen you tell people to go to the right forum, perhaps if you would take your own advice and stay in the advanced forum if youre such an expert. there are plenty of good questions here, where else would you have them go if not to basic?

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