What stores sell at home drug tests?

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by Nylo, May 6, 2006.

  1. Nylo

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    I was wondering if pharmacy stores like Rite-Aid sell at home drug tests, or if you have to get that sort of thing on-line. I tried doing a forum search but couldn't zero-in on it.

    I just recently got offered official employment, so I'm planning on doing the poweraide/Aspirin/B-complex trick. Just wanted to test it out at least once on a home drug test before the Big One. I'm pretty average. 20 yrs old, 5'9, 165 lbs, generally smoked a basic-marble sized bowl every other day. Quit for a full month then bought 1.8 grams worth for a quick 4/20 kick-back.

    Been clean for 2 weeks now, drinking lots of green tea *shrug* and the like, so I'd like to test out the poweraide/Aspirin dilution method and see where I stand. I take the test between this Monday or Wednesday (5-8-2006/5-10-2006).
  2. Nylo

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    Ah, just found out Wal-Mart and Rite-Aid do carry them.

    Anyone know if you have to buy them in packages or if you can get the individually?
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    yeah I get inhomed once a month, I think my mom buys them at like Rite-Aid or Eckerd
  4. Nylo

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    Thanks. I took your word and found one at Rite-Aid. Since the day is over already I'll try it out tomarrow in the time-frame that I think my test will go; a little pre-test test.

    I'm wondering if I should try it As-Is to see if I test positive or negative in the first place, or to try it using the Aspirin/gatorade dillution method to see if that helps the outcome for me.

    Too bad the box only comes with one test. Should I try it as-is or try it using the dillution method?
  5. Nylo

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    Tried the dillution method with the Home drug test. Nothing "too" heavy. Just wizzed 3 times before the test, drank a 32oz bottle of powerAde, downed some aspirin and multivitamin an hour and a half before I took it, and passed.

    I'm going in to go over my new job details today, so I'm hoping they test me so I can pretty much get it over with. Wish me luck =)
  6. Nylo

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    Tack yet another success story of the PowerAde/Aspirin dillution method to the score-board! I passed :thumbsup:

    I start my new job tomarrow. Thanks muchly for the info on the boards. I've grown comfy in this little corner of the web :dance:
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