What strain of cannabis is best for asthma?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Strains' started by asthmaguy, Jan 10, 2011.

  1. asthmaguy

    asthmaguy Registered

    I have medical for my asthma and am trying to figure out what is the best strain for me to grow is.
  2. leadmagnet

    leadmagnet Banned

    A much better question for you my friend is- which manner of ingestion should you choose?
  3. asthmaguy

    asthmaguy Registered

    Already figured that one out. My bubbler is working for now. After my first harvest I plan on buying a vaporizer, most likely a zepher. Also eating some every morning for a long term effect.
  4. JohnnyZ

    JohnnyZ Registered+

    Hey bro! Welcome to the boards.

    I have asthma too! Smoke makes me wheeze, so I stick to the vape, but it's an interesting feeling every time I smoke cannabis. I can feel my lungs start to tighten up from the smoke and then right away I can feel the cannabis soothing my lungs. Strange!

    As far as strains go, I recently came across these guys, maybe you should check them out:

    Delta 9 Labs - Strains - CannaSutra


    Resin Seeds
  5. JohnnyZ

    JohnnyZ Registered+

    And just a note, you should be looking for a plant with high CBD content because of CBD's anti-inflammatory properties - which would help to dilate the bronchial tubes of an asthmatic stoner!
  6. asthmaguy

    asthmaguy Registered

    Thanks for the information JohnnyZ.
  7. Amnesian

    Amnesian Registered

    Was looking for something similar... well my requirement was just a knock-out strain! I prefer to smoke than vape becuase I find it more sociable in my circles. Recently a friend of mine pointed me in the direction of the Cali Connection, These guys are based on the West Coast so I thought I would try something Kush-y, so I went for the Corleone Kush, ordered 2 days ago so Ill keep you posted, Ive heard endless good reviews, so fingers crossed its a belter.
    My question lies in the fact I got some 'Jamacian Me Crazy' free from everyonedoesit with my order, but haven't got a clue what that is, so does anybody have any idea about the properties of this strain? any info you guys can offer is welcome, I have never even heard of it,

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