What strain of seed should I buy that has the largest yield 4 outdoor??

Discussion in 'Growing Information' started by BIG.C, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. BIG.C

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    I'm growing outdoor this year & I want a plant that produces a huge yield??..What seedbank & Strain? Thanks 4 ur Help!!:thumbsup:
  2. cannabis-seeds

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    I'm a little biased - I like the seedbank I work for.

    We have a special listing for high-yield seeds - a lot of them are for outside.

    A lot of people like Big Bud - it's used by commercial growers. And, we have a Big Bud 2 coming in soon that's supposed have even higher yields than the original.

    Critical Jack form DinaFem is good - 1450 gram yields according to the breeder.
    Super Critical from Greenhouse has a 1200 gram yield.

    We also have some mix packs for outdoor use that'll give you a sample from a specific breeder. Not sure where you're located, but if it's cool outside, our British Outdoor Mix by Feminised Seeds is pretty good.

    Lot's more to choose from if you check out our high yielding strains

    Of course, I'm looking at breeder info - If someone has some first-hand experience, go with that.
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  3. BIG.C

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    Im growing in canada. Toronto, Ontario

    Should i start my seeds i have now indoor??.. It's April 15th?
  4. mathematics1900

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    That is determined by the weather in your area, you have to check the weather and determine what the optimal time is to plant outdoors. I always think it is a good idea to get plants going indoors, especially if you can get them rather large and once transplanted if they take off you are good. I don't think it matters what you go with outdoors, any outdoor plant if allowed to grow stress free and as large as it would like can easily put on 6 - 10 lbs. per tree.

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