What Temp on my Arizer Extreme?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Biggins, Jul 1, 2009.

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    Ok bottom line, I can't find a good source on google or with forum search so don't be a dick and say that.

    What is the proper temperature to set the arizer extreme to to vaporize cannabis, and is that in F or C?
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    I set mine between 200-210 C pending on how dry, finely broken up the material is, and how much you put in. Its equivalent to 392-410 F.

    I usually fill the clear space halfway or lower, and can get a good 15-20mins constant vapor. The more you pack the more time you can get, up to an hour, but temps may need to increase to heat all the material to temp. When you start seeing less vapor, shake or stir the bowl, it'll come back once to four times at least.

    Also, you may want to play with the temps for the baloons, I usually go higher for more 'smoke' look to the bags. Won't last as long though.

    I've owned it since April and used it almost everyday. Its been well worth the price.
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    Hi, can youn please give me some more advice on how to use the Extreme? I have used it last night but went crazy with the weed casue i got vapor just for few hits, and than it was impossible to understand which temoperature I should use.

    Do you use higher temp for ballons? what temp you start with and how do you use the fan speed to have dense vapor in the bag?

    Please I will really appreciate some guidance, I never used a vaporizer before and I cannot get to use it properly yet.

    How much half gram of weed should last in the bowl? how do I know when is finished?

    How should I inhale the vapor? long hits or small? should I keep it long inside my lungs?

    thanks a lot

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    Check out the link in the first reply to this thread. It's a great resource for getting started. I use the elbow pack method described in the article. For that I start at about 170-180 celcius and gradually increase.

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