What temp turns a plant purple?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by redsunknight, Nov 10, 2007.

  1. redsunknight

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    I've been reading around the forums and I noticed something about when a plant gets too cold it goes into shock and starts to turn purple. And I was wondering at what low temperatures do plants start to do that?

    I really don't care about what color my weed is, as long as it gets me stoned I'm happy. But when people see purple weed they instantly think that its some super dank shiet, hopefully my weed will be dank regardless but it would also be cool to have a few purple plants :smokin:
  2. the image reaper

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    my outdoor Willie Nelson has turned purple on one side in the last few days, my friend's Willie Nelson is largely purple, but he lives a thousand feet higher than I do, cooler there by a few degrees ... it has only gotten down to about 48 at night here ... when purpling, the plants Ive seen changed color, but didn't display any signs of 'shock' ... regardless, it seems to have little effect on potency ... I haven't smoked any 'crippling' purple bud yet ... :jointsmile:
  3. Gundari

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    Im pretty sure you can cause a plant to turn purple with certain types of nitrogen in your ferts as well...but i could be wrong, i just rolled out of bed.
  4. TheShastaCoMan

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    you can get your plant to turn purple by putting ice in the pot ,especially if it is outdoors and your ha ving colder nights.

    purple weed is no stronger than green weed.
  5. Dutch Pimp

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    but, it makes for a fine hustle...there's a new sucker born every minute
  6. cLo420

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    thats sooo true!!!:pimp:
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  7. WashougalWonder

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    Now for a valid answer.....below 50 in the roots.
  8. oturbojoeo4o

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  9. headshake

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    keep in mind there must be the underlying genetics to allow for a plant to turn purple, no matter what the environment.

  10. TheShastaCoMan

    TheShastaCoMan Registered

    exactly, i was going to post that also.

    if you have a plant thats prone to purpling in cooler temps and your growing in a climate that doesnt get that cold, you can take a bag of ice and pour some in the pot during lights out. also reduce the daytime temps in your grow room to below 55 degrees. in a couple of days youll notice your plants turning, and once they start they dont stop.
  11. GetThisOrDie

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    Dont forget what shake said...

    They have to be able to turn purple before you can get purple. (genetics)

    Ive seen a thread on a different forum where someone stressed their plants to death trying to get purple buds but didnt have purple in the genetics.
  12. headshake

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    it's not all about cool temps guys. killa12345 on these boards has been working with some purple strains, wrecked homicide and death by purple, both of which turn purple with grow room temps into the 80s. i've seen this first hand.

  13. WashougalWonder

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    Of course, and that goes without saying on my part, you said it, why repeat it. If I disagree, believe me I will pounce. The initial question what temp initiated the color. I either am very long winded or curt and short in my answers.
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  14. jtingler

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    couldn't you just mix red and blue food coloring and add it to the water (works fro celery)
  15. drudown11

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  16. GROWxMOREx420

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    Good genetics will give you purple weed at normal temps....

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