what the most expensive weed EVER?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by Randycigar, Jul 26, 2005.

  1. Randycigar

    Randycigar Registered+

    what the most expensive weed EVER in the world.. like yeah THE BEST
  2. Cacophony

    Cacophony Registered+

    If someone could actually find the fabled purple haze, I bet half of the board would pay like 450 an oz just to try that shit.
  3. so far i think i've seen peopel pay most for G-13 on here...but in acutallity it just depends on the area. there is no best or most expensive, becasue someone could pay 20/g in new york but 15/g two cities over of shit that is grown on the same plant.
  4. partyguy420

    partyguy420 Registered+

    shit man purple haze is like 100 bucks for an 1/8th
  5. SmokeyMcBongWater1

    SmokeyMcBongWater1 Registered

    would 20 bucks for a gram of purple haze be about right? because i just bought some and the dealer said it was purple haze
  6. 3 Sheets To The Wind

    3 Sheets To The Wind Registered+

    I got "G-13" (or so i was told) for £10 an 8th, i must admit, it was probably the best weed i've had, although it was in my early toking days, and i do get GREAT weed now aswell (£20 for an 8th, turning out to be a Q of sticky strong smelling, lovely tasting weed;))
  7. sheist

    sheist Registered+

    if u want purple haze, dip ur weed in embaulming fluid n let it dry... thats the big secret.. i'm not fucking with that shit..
  8. Checkminus

    Checkminus Registered+

    I live in Northern Virginia, and am blessed to have a friend who frequently distributes purple haze. Over four-hundred an ounce, and worth every damn penny. I can get a little over two G's for fifty bucks, and i've never turned him down.

    Edit - I got stories that can prove how good it is...
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  9. The Piper

    The Piper Registered+

    depends on area,dealer an how much bud is available but the most ive ever payed for an oz was $320 for some sticky bubblegum bud(it was well worth it)
  10. Phresher than it Got

    Phresher than it Got Registered+

    i thought that ak-47 was supposedly the best, and people here (mn) sold purple haze for 60 bucks and 1/8th, until is dissapeared, noone in my county has even seen any in like 2 yrs
  11. georgiapeach420

    georgiapeach420 Registered+

    I might be wrong because I am still a newb but I heard that weed mixed with embaulming fluid was called wet
  12. depends on where you live, here wet is just embalming fluid it's self...
  13. supersonicchronic

    supersonicchronic Registered+

    How much would you pay for an 1/8th of this? :eek:

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  14. RaoulDuke45

    RaoulDuke45 Registered+

    i would pay $0!

    its actually a picture

    NOTEHOOK Registered+

    wtf embalming fluid?! more info kthx
  16. Leonard12

    Leonard12 Registered+

    can someone explain that dipping weed into embalming fluid.ive never even heard of embalming fluid...
  17. supersonicchronic

    supersonicchronic Registered+

    Ya I've also heard it called dank sticks. That shit fucks you up, one time I did it @ a friends house and I couldn't talk, I was trying so hard, but I just couldn't fuckin talk. My mouth was moving, but no words came out. Then it felt like the futon I was sitting in started to take off like a feris wheel or some crazy shit like that. Definately an experience, but I don't know if I'd ever do it again. Oh ya, don't get greedy if someone is dipping a cig. for U, it doesn't take but the tip of it to get you FUCKED UP. :eek:
  18. georgiapeach420

    georgiapeach420 Registered+

    embalming fluid is what they put in dead people to make them stiff. My roommate told me that one time she smoked some weed that had pcp and embalming fluid in it. They called it wet and she didn't know this until after she smoked it. But anyways she said that she felt like she was stuck in a spider web and couldn't move. She said that everything she touched she felt like she was stuck to and that she had to get someone to help her off the couch and just to walk around.
  19. SumSkater540

    SumSkater540 Registered+

    isnt dipping weed in embalming fluid and smoking it just like PCP...like the same effects?....or am i wrong
  20. AcidFreak

    AcidFreak Registered+

    How might one go about acquiring some embalming fluid?

    Just curious... :D

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