What to do about salt build up

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by cwesto, Nov 28, 2007.

  1. cwesto

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    I have been hearing alot lately about how FoxFarm products cause salt build up. I believe that my garden is becoming high in salt due to a recent drop in Ph.

    Is there a product i can buy or a technique i can use to combat this problem????
  2. cwesto

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    I just found a product called bush doctor sledgehammer, it is actually made by FoxFarm, gues it is to go along with thier salty products, go figure right.. Has anyone used this or heard anything about it?? Is this product something that i use to flush with when changing from 18/6 to 12/12 or is this someting that is used on a normal basis??
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    Flushing with plenty of water (2x volume of conatiner) will get rid of most of the salt build up in the soil. There are also products like AN's Final Phase that are designed for this exact purpose.

    I know flushing at anytime is fine but not sure about using a Final Phase product during a grow. Someone should be able to chime in on that one.
  4. cwesto

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    See my thing is I dont think that i really need to do an all out flush, I am looking to find out if a anti salt product like FF's bushdoctor sledgehammer prduct would do the trick???

    Does anyone know anything about how this product works and if it would be of any help in my sitch????
  5. cwesto

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    Yea i went to my chron nshop and the owner told me that Phinal phase was ONLY for the very end of the cycle, right befor harvest. He said that it will completely and for good block out anything that the plant currently has in its system, ie N, P or K.
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    You need to do a full flush.
    I've never used a clearing solution, not even right before harvest, unless you count putting a bit of humic acid in my flush water.
    Any chemical fert that is not well chelated is prone to salting up your medium.
    Flushing is a good part of a fertilizer routine. I try to flush my vegging plants and mothers once a month whether I think they 'need' it or not, and then repot them into fresh soil for flowering.
    I'm almost certain that an 'anti-salt' product is a chelator; if so, you still are going to want to run extra water through to remove the chemicals from the medium- if you simply water with it, the unwanted ionic substances are still present in the soil. They may not recombine so easily, but they can play havoc with your pH, among other things.
  7. cwesto

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    Cool thanks for the replys and help guys, and gal.

    I flushed the other day with 1 gal RO water to each of my 2 gal pots, u should have seen the runoff, it was orange and im guessing that orange was salt..... YUCK

    Stinky would u by any chance check out my log sometime when u got some extra time? Id love to hear some input from u on my second grow :D. The link is in my sig. if u would like to take a quick peek :weedpoke:

    PS if u do check out my gro log, forgive the messy 5 pages... I kinda had a lotta Q:'s on there and my log also got hijacked for like a page ha
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