What to do with 11.5 grams of shake?

Discussion in 'Recipes' started by diva420, Feb 27, 2010.

  1. diva420

    diva420 Registered

    I have 11.5 grams of shake, what should I do with it?
  2. 514fire

    514fire Registered

    make hash, or cook with it.

    made cookies last night from 2 ounces of shake. high was chill mad different from smoking.
  3. middieman440

    middieman440 Registered+

    umm smoke it
  4. moody420

    moody420 Registered+

    I'd make some butter with it. Slow cook about 1 lb of butter in a crockpot and add the shake.....cook overnight on low and then strain out all of the shake particles.....should give you enough butter for a few batches of delicious baked goods!

    It's nice to keep butter in the fridge for when the mood strikes....:jointsmile:
  5. personified

    personified Banned

    Do what?


  6. DOUGAL25

    DOUGAL25 Registered+

    2grams / 1tablespoon butter, that 11.5g wouldn't even give you a stick.

    haha - i like the suppository idea!
  7. Graywolf

    Graywolf Registered+

    One possibility might be to save it until you accumulated enough for a suppository. Seems like just the prestige of just owning such a handsome stash might tide you over until then.

    If it is good shake, you can grind it powder fine in a coffee grinder and press it into a cannabutton, which is a smooth and tasty smoke. Mix a little BHO with it and it is killer.

    Finely dividing and pressing it limits how much oxygen can get to the open surface of the material, making it burn slow and cool, so that iron lungs aren't necessary for smoking shake.

    Here is the home made equipment that I use to press them at 12,000 psi.


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  8. Islandborn

    Islandborn Registered+

    get on youtube and make yourself some hash extracts or oil like they do in the dispensaries...........gotta show some love to the shops in Cali......what ya'll are doing with pure THC oil is amazing.....99% pure THC straight to the head......nuts.
  9. rudy2010

    rudy2010 Banned

    Make butter then make cookies, candy or lemon bars or whatever. Melt about 3 or 4 cubes then add the shake. Bring to a slight bubbling state then lower to simmer and cook 8-10 hours covered. Strain through cheese cloth then cool. I measure one cup or half cup amounts while it is still liquidy then freeze them in plastic bags for later use. You should get at least one cup from 3 cubes of butter.

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