What to do with male plant??

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    Ive been smoking weed since middle school and do not intend on stopping anytime soon. So i decided to try and grow my own weed, thus my predicament. (First time ever growing btw) Ive been growing this plant outdoor since early June. It is about 3 1/2 feet tall and male. Not sure if i should let it keep growing or cut it down... what should i do?? Here are some pictures, sorry about the quality camera phonee. :Rasta:

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    Learn how to make pollen hash using the bubble bag extraction method. While male plants are mostly useless, there is still some trichome and THC content that can be obtained with a little time and effort.
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    Looks like you've probably got a good environment for outdoor crops! :D

    I say keep that location in mind and try again next year, but CUT that thing down,... I'd be pretty certain that there's other growers nearby (Within a couple miles) and the pollen is spread on the wind, thusly it'll contaminate their crops causing seeds and costing yield.

    Just try and be considerate of other outdoor growers/ caregivers/ patients in your area. If you want to breed, then do so Indoors where you can control the spread of pollen from one strain to another.:thumbsup::Rasta:
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    how exactly do you do this extraction method? and what is the result o the extraction? :Rasta:
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    You get lots of ice, water, a bucket, and some filter bags of varying mesh sizes. Drop your trimmings into the bags, put bags on bucket, drop in ice and water, let sit for 20-30 minutes, agitate with a mixer of some sorts for another 20-30 minutes, let sit for an hour, pulls the bags out one by one and let them drain. Ignore bag number one, the rest you want to pull out slowly and separate the stuff that collects on the screens.

    Then put that stuff on something to dry out. Press it and smoke it.
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    Alcohol method

    I made hash from a male plant by drying the leaves, grinding them, then soaking them in rubbing alcohol over night. Then I dripped the juice through a coffee filter into a cookie sheet and let it dry off. I was left with green/black goo at the bottom that got me stoned just fine. The leaves were even good for a second wash.
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    keep them & make hash

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    I think you should make cannabutter!

    easiest and best thing to do imo
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