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Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by doverguy, Jul 18, 2007.

  1. doverguy

    doverguy Registered

    Hi just wondering what if anything can be done with the stems left over once you have removed the leaves, I have a tin full, dont want to throw them away as there must be something you can use them for. Any ideas?
  2. WidespreadJazz420

    WidespreadJazz420 Registered+

    you can toss them in your upper and lower lips, thats what i do
  3. sam44

    sam44 Registered+

  4. tokinsplinter

    tokinsplinter Registered+

    make hot chocolate with em. since you need fat to draw out the thc, lightly boil the the stems in milk for a few mins(constantly stirring) then pour the milk into a cup thru a strainer (if you wanna take the stems out) then add a packet of hot chocolate. delicious and gets ya high.
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  5. Ryan18

    Ryan18 Registered

    That sounds like a great idea. I will have to try that!
    Thank you for the idea.
  6. doverguy

    doverguy Registered

    some great ideas, will have to try them soon....any more 4 any more...keep the ideas flowing :jointsmile:
  7. rebgirl420

    rebgirl420 Registered+

    Im gonna try that
  8. Chronisseur

    Chronisseur Registered+

    Funny post cuz Im just about done cooking about 6 months worth of stem.
    I broke em up well, dewhateverized em in the oven @210 dgreez and put em in teabags, reclosed em w string and simmered em in milk smells and tastes pretty damn good the way it is!!!

  9. twoguysupnorth

    twoguysupnorth Registered+

    feed them to your pets.
  10. Elle

    Elle Registered

    I'm gonna go try this right now. I'll post an update after I'm done.
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  11. Elle

    Elle Registered

    Yeah.. I'm a noob and didn't oven/microwave it. :(

    But it was delicious regardless.
  12. WeedyBoyWonder

    WeedyBoyWonder Registered+

    How long should they be in the oven / microwave for?
  13. LIP

    LIP Banned

    Just make hash with the trichs on the outer. You need quite alot of stems though, but the hash is worth it.
  14. Hazeydays

    Hazeydays Registered+

    How many stems do you really need for this to be effective?
  15. KingsBlend420

    KingsBlend420 Registered+

    I just chew on them, I like the taste.
  16. funfubarman

    funfubarman Registered+

    Man i agree with lip go make some hash and get stoned out of your mind
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  17. Hilder420

    Hilder420 Banned

    tell me how to make hash
  18. LuckyG

    LuckyG Registered+

    There's a tutorial on how to make hash in the Recreational forum I think.

    Whenever I have stems I just stick 'em in my bong and give the whole bowl a quick once-over with the flame, then dump it right away. I know it doesn't really get me high, but it's something to do I guess.
  19. qdavid

    qdavid Registered

    I don't think that'll get you buzzed though. THC's not water soluble so you have to bond it with fat, like milk fat, to release any THC. I think this is just for tasty tea.
    Edit: Oops that was said already. I guess I should have read on.
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  20. i think i'd go with the hot chocolate idea... that or hash

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