What type of soil is best?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by greenmonster, Aug 3, 2006.

  1. greenmonster

    greenmonster Registered+

    i like in the uk and i was wondering which are the best soils available in uk for growing our mate mary jane?
    seems that everytime i go to the local garden centre i know more about what types of soil they have than they do and i know FA! lol
    ANyone help me?
  2. greenmonster

    greenmonster Registered+

    hmmmmm so no one can help me........ come on guys!!!
  3. blizma

    blizma Registered+

    hi :)

    I have been asking this question alot aswell...my answere was always to buy a soil with no nutes...

    BuT i have found a solution for all uk people... it includes mg.. but it works fine.

    Get a bag of MG and a bag of Germination soil from any garden centre.

    mix MG 70% with GERMINATION SOIL 30%.. perfect and it worked fine :)

    If you wanna use this for the actually seedling and germination .. then =

    Fill the bottom with MG (75%) and the top half GERMINATION SOIL (25%)
    So the seed is in the germniation soil, and when seedling it starts to get some MG in it.

    When transplanting into bigger pots, use the first mixture :)

    Hope you will have a good grow with this :)
  4. CanGro

    CanGro Registered+

    Im currently using B&Q's multipurpose compost before i transfer into my hydro and you know what both plants are looking goooooooooooood
  5. babystarbud

    babystarbud Registered+

    ive just been using miracle grow potting compost. think i got it from focus or homebase. i know some people dont like it, but it works fine for me...easy if you dont want to mess around with fertilizer, but gets complicated (as i found out ) if you want to add fert later as its already got fert in it.
  6. Jdog7000

    Jdog7000 Registered+

    I use Fox Farm Happy Frog and I love it.
    Ocean Forest or Light Warrior would work really well too.
  7. blizma

    blizma Registered+

    NEVER NEVER NEVER use miracle grow on its own. It will nute burn your babies till they die. i learned it the hard way on my first grow. :( .

    B&Q's compost mixture has many mites in it. I learned that the hard way after transplanting the fully recovered nute burned babies into the B&Q's.

    Fox Farming Happy Frog i have heard very good things about that :)

    But still i use my mixture because you never have to buy any ferts for your entire grow :) = less money + less hastle
  8. blizma

    blizma Registered+

    Thanking about it, i think on my next grow i will use the germination mixture for the seedling and then on the transplant use 50%Fox Farming Happy Frog50%Miricle Grow .... I think this will give many good results!

    I will make a grow log after i finished investigating LST + Topping.

    I hope this helps :)
  9. Pothead4204life

    Pothead4204life Registered+

    iam working on my 1st grow and used MG and everything if fine......
  10. greenmonster

    greenmonster Registered+

    Fox Farm Happy Frog: im going for this, it sounds good, lol! very scientific!

    JESUS ive got a real stinking cold with super sour throat and i wanna blaze heavy but everytime i try it hurts!!!!!!! DAmn it. fuck it going to roll a MONSTER!!!!!! and then cough up blood, ace
  11. blizma

    blizma Registered+

    LOL have fun..
  12. Newb1stTime

    Newb1stTime Registered

    I hear any of the Fox Farm's, as stated above, or Plagron, or Black Gold.
  13. BukDatAss

    BukDatAss Registered+

    Dont know the best but Fox farm is good
  14. job1.5

    job1.5 Registered+

    i like promix bx myself.as far as mg, i always had ph problems with it in the last month of flowering with it.
  15. MegaOctane12

    MegaOctane12 Registered+

    Forget about garden centres, buy a specialised brand like Canna or Foxfarm, these are especially suited for cannabis. If your a new grower just pick up some John Innes or a store made potting compost, just about anything will do, what you shouldn't do is mix soils because you will without doubt get high quantitys of one or more elements and hotspots in the soil. MG is fine too use buy itself, do not mix in or add anything to it. Its better to use just one type of commerical soil so that you can add whatever supplements necessary instead of 'mixing this with that'.

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