What will I be tested on this drug test? (5DSP/NO THC/PHN)

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    I have a drug test coming up. Here is the information about that test:

    Services to be performed: Do Not Use eCup
    Urine Collection - 1687 - 5DSP/NO THC/PHN (1687)

    I really want to know if they would be considering positive results for THC, since I would assume the NO THC part of this code means they will ignore the THC part of the exam. Another reason why I would think this to be the case is that several other exams exist that specifically indicate what they would be testing. If my file were to have instead have said 5 PANEL STANDARD instead of 5DSP/NO THC/PHN, I would understand that I am tested for ALL drugs included in the 5 Panel Drug Screen. I've seen other people post about tests that say 5DSP/K2/PHN, which is essentially the normal 5 Panel Drug Screen, with the inclusion of testing for K2, which is Synthetic Weed. I've only been able to find exactly one post about an individual who took the test with her own dirty pee, and passed, supporting the fact that a 5DSP/NO THC/PHN test DOES NOT include consideration of positive THC tests.

    All of the research I've done so far leads me to believe that this test I have to take is essentially a 5 Panel Drug Screen minus THC. I would simply like further confirmation of this notion by other people who have taken an identical test, or by anyone who would have any degree of knowledge as to what this test could possibly test for.

    Please help this nervous stoner, I've been desperate for answers.

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