What yall think abouth this testing method solution? Tried it today

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by liljap, Nov 2, 2011.

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    Today I had a Urine Test with LabCorp who else? I took that Q carb with eliminex but i still didnt feel right , really didnt have time to buy HDT. I really needed this job so i got clean urine from my peoples & i didnt want the temp to crash on me like last time , so i went to the nearest gas station and got some coffee. I know coffee right. I got8 some fresh made coffee and put it in a cup even warm it up for 5 sec, went to the car & submerged the entire perscription bottle in the coffee and place the lid over it. Had to drive like 20 min to the site and parked to check the temp with a digi thermo . I notice there appeared to be a little coffee inside the lid (dont know if that mess thing up maybe you'll know if the sample was altered) the temp read H meaning way higher than 108 F , so i left didnt want to be in the parking lot doing all this. Went to walgreens and went to the toliet and close the door & monitered the temp every 3 min waited till the temp read 99 F . Then i took a sock that i put 2 heat warmers in & placed the bottle in it. Put it in my tity whites and left for the test. Everything went good and the temp was on point. Dont know if i passed, what you think? Still thinking about that little coffee residue.
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    I did pretty much the same thing with a Labcorp test last week. I used two 3oz bottles and a hand warmer. I put the bottles in hot water until the temp was about 104. I was wearing a pair of spandex with boxers over the top. Put the warmer down the front and stuffed the bottles down around my sack.....about 45 min later I took the test. I was nervous as hell because this was my first sub attempt. Nobody observed me, but I was given a 2 minute time limit. I'd done many dry runs making sure that the temp would be good and that I could get everything done without making too much noise, but I hadn't practiced a time limit. :wtf: My heart was pounding so effin loud that I was convinced the whole building could hear it. They drew a line on the bottle and said I needed to have at or above that line....turned out to be about 4 oz total. The temp was pretty much right on the money, about 97-98 deg. As far as I know I passed. Don't see any reason why I wouldn't have at this point.

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