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Discussion in 'Washington (WA)' started by DaKinD, Nov 27, 2009.

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    Hello everybody. I thought it would be nice to start a thread for the people of Whatcom co. We are a separated from the scene down south by quite some distance which makes it difficult for many of us. I feel it would be good to have a place to call our own, share ideas and thoughts for our community.
    Maybe we could put together a county wide BBQ or some other fun activities for locals. What do you think? Please let me know some of your ideas. I'd be happy to help in any way I can.
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    I would like help with thoughts on a guerrilla grow near Bellingham this spring. Has anyone had any success doing this up this far north. What problems can I expect? Beside the obvious slugs, and deer.:jointsmile: ANYONE?
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    I see you out there viewing. No one wants to interact? wth?:(
  4. DaKinD

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    What Strains do you have?

    I'm growing

    Green Crack & Humboldt Duff both are strong Indica strains. What do you have?:thumbsup:
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    I am legal and would like to meet more people in this town that grow.:stoned:
  6. DaKinD

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    Still here holding it down for the county. Sorry, I've been busy, and haven't been on the boards in awhile. :jointsmile:
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    Whatcom county dispensary coming soon retail location!!! for now we are accepting new patients by appt only go to The Best Medicine Network for more info!!! come join the newest and the best medicine network for qualified washington patients... website under construction.. but were building fast...:Rasta:
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    wish contact

    Hi Bellingham patients.

    I'd like to get to know some of you local patients but cannot find a way to pm anybody. Is this possible on this site?

    I don't want to give my email or phone number in public.

    You can pm me at the northendclub420.com. Look for "treedoctor"

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    you can contact bestmedicinenetwork@gmail.com to fraternize with local whatcom county patients in our network... our website is being currently built but you can see the temp page at Welcome to The Best Medicine Network- a Non-Profit Medical Marijuana Dispensary ....:Rasta:
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    Hey best medicine. I talked with you yesterday on the ph. Thanks for calling me back! I've been on this board and others for about a year now looking to hook up with local Whatcom folks to get this party started. Let's talk more!:thumbsup:
  11. eccooperative

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    Evergreen Cannabis Co-op

    The Evergreen Cannabis Cooperative is also here to help patients in Whatcom County and beyond. :thumbsup:
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    Evergreen Medical Cannabis Delivery

    Evergreen Medical Cannabis Delivery Service is available for all qualifying patients with disabling conditions and current paperwork. :baggy:
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  13. SeatleHomegrown

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    i am an 19 yr old caretaker, my patient is unable to leave his house, as a caretaker is there any way i am able to go inside of a dispensary JUST FOR CLONES??? i dont want to get him pounds of weed, we just have trouble getting good quality clones without ordering seeds on the internet, i would much rather find clones that are already sexed and very very high quality
  14. gypski

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    I'd stick with a dispensary that also has clones and delivers. That way, they can verify that they are for the patient. As the caregiver you can also be there and then take the clones to your grow site if it is in a different place. And the patient can verify your being the caregiver. :thumbsup:
  15. ganarley

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    Whats up everyone out in whatcom!!! im a new patient and would like to trade some clones! Looking for diesles especially a headband! i have G-13, LSD, Bubblegum, Nuken, Bluecity diesle, hawaiian big bud, og kush, seawarp, molokai frost, and a very special ruderalis hybrid called purple pixie...just to name a few let me know if you are interested!!
  16. iceshark

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    I just tried some Purple Pixie. They said it was an Indica. I felt it much more a nice light Sativa. Not a long buzz but a nice head high for me. Good luck with some nice sounding plants.:thumbsup:
  17. hoobydooby

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    new to bham :S5:

    hey guys. i moved here six months ago to live closer to my canadian gf. i'm not a 'patient' but hope to be. like so many i'm in :S5::S5:kind of a randy marsh situation: weed is helpful to me, but it's not like i'm lugging my testes around in a wheelbarrow, and i don't have insurance.

    i'm a war vet and my ears ring constantly; i will never hear silence again. it's called tinnitus. there is no treatment. lots of people have it, but mine is pretty bad; it was caused by some extreme acoustic trauma. sometimes the noise really aggravates me and makes me bitter and nasty to those closest to me. weed makes me feel much better. i figure i could go to a doc and complain about this but i don't have insurance; i can't PROVE that i have this problem; and it's not exactly a terminal illness. i also don't know what doctor to go to, and i don't expect to be prescribed weed for my ringing ears anyway sadly.

    i could always go in and complain about ptsd but am not sure i want to get labeled with that - people judge. it's awkward to know that my health is less than perfect - and knowing that it was a branch of the gov't that hurt me - but not bad enough to get the therapy i feel i need. i feel like i have to make myself out to be more f'd up than i am, which is ridiculous, especially considering that i offered to die for the gov't that won't let me get high.

    any advice about how i could go about getting medical marijuana would be greatly appreciated. i know wa isn't the best about medical pot. i've never managed to find weed here - never been high in the state of washington in fact. i walk past people smoking joints downtown all the time on the weekend but i'm not about to go disturb and probably either scare or at least annoy a complete stranger about pot when they're having a good time with friends. so i only smoke it in bc where it's not illegal and even there it's a huge hassle to get, having to go through middle-men, buying tiny amounts, running out & not being able to get more, etc.

    i may never get any around here bc i don't have all that many friends. i mean i'm going to college but i'm a grown up & basically engaged so it's not like i'm hanging out or partying. i'm a pretty reserved adult and don't have dreads or tye-dye t-shirts. i'm pretty despondent about getting some unless i can get qualified for medical.

    you know how it is, guys. it's like those online ads for "legal buds" that show ounces of green all over a hot woman's body, and it's like, "oh, great, everything i want but can never have."

  18. birfsurferticke

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    so you live in bham and cant find herbs>? thats messed up...seems like this town is busting at the seams with amazing bud.

    no med card is tricky....lots of folks in town doing the "donate meds to another patient in exchange for a donation of $$ for the trouble"

    dont ask the juggalos downtown, they sell crack meth whatever, but slim chance of getting kind herbs.

    if i didnt know anyone here (and it was summertime...no kids in town) this is what i would do:
    goto 1) boulevard park 2)downtown food coop 3)skate park behind civic field
    look for a trustafarian chilling or busking (always one outside the coop) or walking his slackrope or throwing the frisbee.
    pretty much any ol white kid with dreads and no shoes will have weed on him, prolly in a mason jar along with a pipe and some hemp wick.

    "hi there, this is a bit weird but i dont know anyone in town and im looking for herbs...you look like a friendly person, I thought i would take a chance and ask"

    hell if you walked up to me and said that, i would give you a big splat of bubblehash just for the good karma of it ...'course i dont have dreads, and look more like a construction worker than a hippie so you might not stop me in the park...

    best of luck, and if you get your card, it will open some avenues too
  19. hoobydooby

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    KIA in the war on drugs

    thanks for your reply birfsurferticke. anyway i don't want to take over the thread or bother the non-criminals too much. i was looking for like 2 months and then gave up for about 4. then got to asking again and found 2 small bags in a week. it was miraculous. i met a guy w a medical card, got his # & a pertinent # about getting mmj. so i got high w him and his friends and called him the next day: no answer. never was to be any. then i met up and blazed w some hippies who didn't trust me; met them again and they finally acted like they trusted me a lil. bought a 1/4, got high with them twice and smoked it all in like 5 days. then they started to act like they didn't know me again. they went "dry" after that and stayed dry for a long time. i figure they went from not trusting me to simply not liking me. hold on while i cry a second. they never had a phone between them, nor a front door! going to their place made for some of the most awkward experiences in my life, so i’m almost glad it didn’t work. had a third lead who called exactly when he said he would but this time i was the pothead who couldn't get his crap together bc guy gave me an odd vibe when we met. i didn't answer. this incompetence/apathy stuff is a two-way street i guess.

    back to square one and i quit. i guess i’m straight edge or something now. doesn’t seem like any of the hipsters ever really believed i smoke pot anyway, even when i was high with them. i'm gonna go try out for the police force next. anyway, the thing with your recommendations is, you have to look the part to pull that off, and you also have to be willing to go great lengths for tiny little bags of schwag--that's the real problem with it. you have to be willing to wear out pairs of shoes, literally. i mean, i pull up to the skate park in my nice car, step out in my big boy clothes, and say, "hey kids! you look nice... got any pot?" get the f out of here. (besides i’m not interested in quantities they might have in their pockets; i’d be through with all that in like 5 minutes.) come on, man: 6 months dry. been there, done that! but i mean sure, i could find a bag of some bs, sure, it can and occasionally does work--but not without walking the streets like a bum bothering people literally for 3-4 hours. and if that was all i really wanted--minute amounts of mediocre bud on an utterly random, most likely once in a lifetime-basis--i might as well go pick up people's roaches outside that buffalo joint around 3am on weekends, right? i mean your points are valid, and when i wrote this thread i had never been high in the state of wa, but now i did find a tiny little amount essentially the way you stated and all i can say is: those methods are 95% bogus and 100% not worth it for what you get out of it! only way i could see it satisfying is if you're not really all that into pot--if you smoke it a few times a week, say. it doesn’t cut it for those of us who smoke every single day without exception; i’d have to walk the streets literally perpetually. but i mean if you look like a stoner (whatever that looks me) as opposed to a cop (i.e. like me to these kids) it might go completely differently for you man - i’m sure it would be 1000x better for you than it does for me.

    so the guy i was talking to last weekend with the medi card told me all i have to do is complain of insomnia twice in 2 weeks. i've had very bad insomnia my entire life, ironically--i mean it's almost 4am right now and i'm not tried--but f it man. i’ve been to war and back and i don’t have any kind of health insurance. can’t really see myself looking through the phone book to go see a civilian doctor for the first time in more than a decade bc i can’t sleep at night or something with all the real medical issues i am lucky not to have (especially considering i‘d have to pay out of pocket if i did--believe me, i'm grateful for this while it lasts). it's not worth all the trouble to me personally. way to go on I-1068, washington, btw! the state has spoken: who wants to legalize it when you’ve got a stash of your own? well anyway guys i hope you stay high til you die. it's great to hear that this town has so much dank in it. enjoy your stash & get well soon. i think this is one drug the war on drugs really works for. consider me a casualty. out.
  20. justpics

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    all my friends who smoke are adults that have real jobs, graduated college etc

    stop looking for your bud from the stereo types.

    Insomnia is not a qualifying condition in WA state.

    The only reasonable way to supply yourself with the presumed 60 day supply is to either grow it yourself, or have someone you know very well grow it for you as a designated provider.

    Trying to obtain a supply of meds from randoms is not going to work.

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