Whats a Cheap and Easy way to make CO2??

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by dougefresh, Feb 28, 2007.

  1. dougefresh

    dougefresh Registered+

    what up everyone..hope evryones good today.. I have another queston ofcourse..what is a cheap and easy way to make my own co2 and have it spraying/dispersing over 8 plants?anyone know??
  2. dusto2k3

    dusto2k3 Registered+

    yeast and sugar water.
  3. Dr.Hashman

    Dr.Hashman Registered+

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    That is a easy way to make CO2. Basically anything with yeast and sugar (toast helps).

    I have a 2 liter soda bottle that I fill up to where it curves inwards with warm water, dissolve a cup of sugar in it, wait for it to cool down to room temp, then put some crumpled up burnt toast (half a slice or so) and then I put 1/2 tablespoon of yeast in there. Then I got the cap and made a small hole with a knife in the top so I could barely get some 1/4" aquarium tubing in, put some sealent on it. Measure out how much tubing you want, cut it, then take the tube outside, light then end you just cut on fire for a few seconds then use some pliers to clamp down the molten plastic to create a end cap. Then make holes the size of the end of a pen where the tube goes over each plant and screw it all together and you are done!
  4. crazyhorse

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    Nice work Hash ! you described the easy co2 tank, it works well for me. Its good to shake the shit out of the bottle everytime you go past it. Keeps the yeast active and give the plant even boost of co2
  5. rev

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    Do you f*%! around w/ a monitor if yer to go at on the fast, cheap simple route? Or does a 2 liter bottle have an ideal sq footage it'll supply co2 for?
  6. rev

    rev Registered+

    Btw I make bread and beer, and am thinking of piping co2 into my grw room from that. Am I going to end up with bread bud? mmm pot beer...

    Seriously tho, sterility issues perhsps?
  7. MrGreenFingaz

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    just sit in your grow room all day taking deep breaths.
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  8. dougefresh

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    with the sugar, yeast method i used 2 cups of sugar and 1/2 teasepoon of yeast in a 2 liter bottle is that okay? also instead of drilling a whole in the cap and puting my tubing their, i drilledto holes right underneath the cap and put two different tubes threw it will the co2 come out okay wiht two tubes? i did it this way because i plan on taping each tube to the brim of each pot (2 pots i guess) so the co2 flows right underneath it and up
  9. Tomthehippie

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  10. whisky

    whisky Registered

    remember that the yeast will die if they are cold so the temps must be lukewarm where the yeast bottle is situated. so behind the fan next to a light or something does the trick. also ive heard that if you dont have HPS or MH lights co2 isnt very useful since the plant cant absorb it without having alot of light absorbtion.
  11. Chronic Chrissy

    Chronic Chrissy Registered+

    I do yeast and sug method in ketchup bottles and hang them from rope from the ceiling of the room. The rope lets me cap them and shake them when ever I find the time.
  12. Dr.Hashman

    Dr.Hashman Registered+

    The guy at the hydro store wanted me to buy some CO2 tablets but I thought they were too expensive, I'll try out some when I get some money.
  13. greenman:D

    greenman:D Registered+

    easyest way is to fill a bowl with baking soda , and have a slow dripper of vinigar into the bowl
  14. Dr.Hashman

    Dr.Hashman Registered+

    If CO2 is heavier than air, how is it in our atmosphere? Just wondering. The Baking soda bowl and vinager made me wonder that.
  15. Subzone

    Subzone Registered

    co2 cans for bb guns work great pop one or two open a day clean and easy

    Bushy old grower used this idea and I am sure you have seen his nugs . I personal bought a tank .

  16. greenman:D

    greenman:D Registered+

    Air is made up of oxygen and co2 , we breath in oxygen and breath out co2, plants and trees breath in co2 and breath out oxygen its a cycle. plants let 80% of there oxygen out though the roots of a night.I dont water during dark hours at all.
  17. Humboldt215

    Humboldt215 Registered+

    in college, many many yrs ago, I had a 1kw and 400kw both with china hat domes, I made my co2 by taking yeast/sugar/water in 1 gallon triple rinsed plastic milk jugs, went to the pet store got some fish pump line and T's. simply made a small hole in the plastic top of the milk jug and sealed it with hot glue or something similar, ran the line to the TOP of the china hat (reflector) pointing down so the co2 would be forced thru the line, up and down over the hood to fall over the plants.

    simple maintenance was every other day (i believe) dumped out 1/2 the water and added fresh luke warm with more sugar.

    not sure how effective it was.. but it did make co2!
  18. Dr.Hashman

    Dr.Hashman Registered+

    I think I will just get my pellet gun and shoot my plants up everyday with air lol. Pah pah pah! PaH pAh pAH! Imagine what my neighbors would think lol.
  19. JackdaWack

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    u know what thats actually a pretty good question i never reeally thought about, if our green house gas is co2 then h0ow the hell does it get up there? that is that co2 is pretty heavy compared to other gases, good observation on thinking... just to let every one know that u should have your c02 preduced at canopy level so it falls down, fans and exhaust may make this close to impossible tho, at least for me the c02 owould be in and out faster then u could say....
  20. Dr.Hashman

    Dr.Hashman Registered+

    I wish I had some nice cash-money to spend on a tank. I would just put my fans on a timer then 3 times a day the fans would shut off for an hour and the CO2 would then be released for 15 mins and soak in for 45 mins. Now all I have is a timer to put the fans on and a DIY (do-it-yourself) CO2 setup.

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