What's a good 24-hour dispensary?!

Discussion in 'Colorado (CO)' started by lampost, Dec 9, 2009.

  1. lampost

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    I'm landing in Denver about 10 PM tomorrow night and I'm out of meds at home. Would really like to get some meds tomorrow at 10-11 PM so I can sleep well upon my return.

    Does anyone know of a GOOD dispensary that would be open around 10-12 PM tomorrow? I thought I saw something on here, but I really don't have the ability to dig around for it right now on my work computer.

    Please let me know, even if you don't have personal experience at the shop.

    Also, if there are any caregivers on here who could possibly help me out this one time, let me know.

  2. lampost

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    Please help a bro out! I need to get some sleep tonight when I get home! Don't have a westword and can't use the search engine on the device I'm using to access the site right now!
  3. justinsane33

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    24/7 health care centers 7204798756 don't know if it's the only one but it came up first in the search.
  4. lampost

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    Hey man appreciate it! I'll probably stop in here tonight or another one if I get any word, so maybe I'll have a new review later. Thanks again!
  5. quagland

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    I posted a little message about them last week. Definitely check them out!
  6. lampost

    lampost Registered+

    I stopped in here and picked up a half/half 8th and it was OK. The quality of the buds was OK... nothing spectacular here when I was in. It did the trick though and for being open at 11:30 PM when I just got back in to town it was awesome to have the option to get some herb!! So, as far as being a 24-hour dispensary, it's frickin' awesome in that regard. I don't see myself coming here though when other places are open.

    The owner was a really cool guy... really friendly. All the staff seemed to be. The had maybe 10 strains or so. I got the "G-13" and the Good Times Kush. The "G-13" didn't really look like any of the G-13 I've ever seen, but I know buds can look different depending on who grew them. They were extremely dense... Anyway, the Good Times Kush was good and I got high that night so I was happy...

    Looks like they had clones ready and edibles and the usual fare... not sure about hash but probably...
  7. kingminus

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    J & J Green Clinic on 34th and Walnut. 24/7 and you can medicate on premises. Looks like Black owned and operated.
  8. lampost

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    Same place... I don't see how being black-owned is relevant at all?
  9. kingminus

    kingminus Registered+

    It's not relevant at all, just an observation. Thanks for asking. Good job. Stay on the ball.
  10. weekapaug74

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    If the suggested regulations are adopted, dispensaries can not be open (or make deliveries) between the hours of 9pm and 7am.

    New regulations go into place on March 1.
  11. justinsane33

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    i'm too high to drive by 9 anyway

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