whats a lid?

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  1. Thehulkster321

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    I heard it was an ounce but then I was watching Blow and thefat dude said he was splittin the bags into 3 finger lids. Then I looked it up and it said that Lids are measured by fingers w/e that means. It had like a qoute that said "the lid was one finger short of a full bag". So how do you measure weed with fingers? The site also said they measured with fingers becuase they didnt have scales.

    Does anyone have a clear explanation for what a lid is?
  2. pogmoasal1

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    they say lids in cheech and chong to.
    but i have no idea
    and i want to know to
  3. t3chyo

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    you measure a bag of whatever by holding your fingers up to the bag horizontally, and count from the bottom up how many fingers matches the height of the drug in the bag.

    hope that explains it, and hope I'm right.
  4. Oneironaut

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    A lid = 1 ounce. Maybe this kid thinks that as a general rule of thumb, an ounce of that weed's density is 3 fingers wide.
  5. lemonboy

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    I like this definition at urbandictionary:
  6. Thehulkster321

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    thats the definition I read, I still dont get it. "The Lid used to measure usually contained about 4 fingers of pot" How do you measure pot with a flat cofee can lid? And what is 4 fingers worth of pot? It kinda makes sense that 4 fingers means the density of the bag is 4 fingers but that idea only works with a bag not a lid.
  7. thehammer

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    A lid = 1oz. at least it did back in 1967 when I started smoken 3 fingers. I dont know anything about a coffee can lid. $15.00 a oz. $5.00 was a shot glass full.
  8. benagain

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    Let me ask you something that's allways bugged me. When you got weed back then, how was the quality? You allways hear how pot is more potent today, but I wasn't sure if that was necessarily true. I know that breakthrough in technology have led to better cultivation of the plant, but I wasn't sure how far we've actually come.
  9. thehammer

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    Its a lot better today I dont realy know why. I think it was most of the pot we got back then was from Mexico or hemp farms low thc. We called it dirtweed
    sometimes we could fined good stuff GOLD and SKUNK. I grow up right outside of chicago. thats what it was like for us.In other parts of the country mabey not.
  10. benagain

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    cool. thnx for clearing that up a bit. That guy on 60 mins that only the leaves were smoked back then, but I just think it may have been the way it was grew. I'm sure houses full of high tech hydro systems wasn't that common.
  11. Thehulkster321

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    I remeber reading some exert from a book online that said the THC level in pot back in the 60's was around 2-3% and know we have people in B.C. pulling off levels of 25%. (more then 10x more THC)
  12. Oneironaut

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    Lots of studies (usually government funded) claim to have found similar results. The truth is, potency has gone up noticeably because of selective breeding and improved growing techniques but it's not quite that extreme. When they do these studies they usually test weed that has been kept as evidence since the 60s, and during the past 40 years the THC has degraded and it appears to be less potent than it originally was. And it all depends on where your samples are coming from. Back in the 60s, just like today, there was a wide range of potencies in circulation.
  13. a lid is a 3 dollar bag. also known as tre bags.
  14. del...

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    and where and when i come from a lid was a 3 finger, appx 3/4 oz bag and usually cost 15 bucks. an oz was 20 and this was the standard measurement for brick weed (the red and green celophane wrapper stuff). the high quality stuff went for as much as 50 bucks/oz and would be from columbia, southern mexico, jamaica, etc...then there was the exotic stuff like nam, cambodian and thai sticks that would take a paycheck to get...or sticks could be had for 20/stick (about 1/4oz).

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