whats a white strain????

Discussion in 'Marijuana Strains' started by dano420, Aug 16, 2008.

  1. dano420

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    :stoned: i got some seeds from a friend its from nirvana:any body ever trie papaya

    it says on pkg white strain . anybody help me on how it was to grow whats a white strain??? indoor planting or outdoor ??? i know nothing on this strain... i am trying to find anything on it... thanks dano:stoned:
  2. Dutch Pimp

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    Nirvana considers: white widow, white russian, white rhino, papaya, ak48, ice, and a few others; "white strains".......:thumbsup:...:smokin:...excellent for indoors...crippling highs...:thumbsup:
  3. bayareapurps

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    well nirvana is a seed company.. but white strians are longer 10 weekers and produce a hight thc ratio.... alot of tricomes thats how it gets the white name form
  4. stinkybudz

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    trichs :4: :4: :4:
  5. KindGreenBuds

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    a "white" strain usually means that the strain has some white widow genetics
  6. dano420

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    yeah its like white widow and stuff just went online some nice buds there man!!!! very sticky looking lol yes just what the doctor ordered!!!!

    sweet sticky buds thanks for your posts :stoned:
  7. PlantHeadJ

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    I agree that white widow is usually the basis for the White Family. I do not think that AK fits that bill and not sure about papaya, which is nirvana's take on Mango.

    got this from a google result:

    Papaya Marijuana Cannabis seeds
    Papaya is a fast growing outdoor or indoor plant, mold and disease resistant and usually an early maturing plant. Papaya has a sweet fruity flavor when grown in good conditions in particular outdoors, but can finish with similar results indoors under good condition’s as well. Papaya is a cross between KC 33 a Sativa/Indica blend, and an Afghani strain producing large flowering buds people marvel about.


    Flowering: 47-56 days
    Height: 200-250 cm outdoor / 90cm indoor
    Yield: ~750g+ outdoor / 150 indoor
    Indica/Sativa: ~85/15
    Harvest: If outdoor end of September.
    Sow: Sow when soil temperatures warm to ~59F/15C

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