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Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by jarrod, Nov 11, 2008.

  1. jarrod

    jarrod Registered

    hya could nebody tell me about auto flowering seed strains?
    ive got a seed catalogue here im looking at and the lowryder seed have auto
    could sum 1explain pls?whats the difference?
    thanks alot:thumbsup:
  2. LuciferN

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    An auto flowering strain is a plant with special genetic that will start flowering, even if you keep the 16/8, 24/0 light schedule.
  3. jarrod

    jarrod Registered

    thanks for that mate much obliged
    ive got my plant under cfls 24 hours and have been warned off doin that?
  4. LuciferN

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    There should be no issue with the 24/0 schedule, there a lot of growers doing this with there plants. I actually like to give them some dark time, help me save a little on the electricity, keep the temps lower and mother nature usually don't give them 24 hours of lights !
  5. jarrod

    jarrod Registered

    help i think ive fucked my plant proper!!!

    ive just adjusted my lights and managed to fucking drop it on my plant!
    ive bent the top 2 branches-they havent snapped just crimped em a bit
    do you think itll b ok?is there anything i can do?
    pic attached

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  6. LuciferN

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    Look like there is a new growth on the plant, you should be all right. Use the back of you're hand to sense the heat; too hot for it is too hot for the plant too.
  7. Wobster

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    Hey Jarrod.. hows it goin. erm just wanted to say Im not sure u wanna be using a photo of youself when ur posting about cannabis cultivation lol. Unless that is a pic of someone u really hate that u wanna land in a load of trouble.
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  9. LuciferN

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    Wobster is right on this one, you seem not to care about getting caught... Putting you're picture online, is something careless thing that can get you inside for a long time. Just an advise, try to keep it to yourself, don't talk about it.
  10. Weezard

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    Stupid spam.
    Nice butt though.

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