What's happening in Savannah?

Discussion in 'Georgia (GA)' started by Gargantua, Sep 7, 2006.

  1. Gargantua

    Gargantua Registered

    I just moved here for a new job and am trying to make some cool friends. What's the scene like in Savannah?
  2. Testament

    Testament Registered+

    lots of regs, unless you can get hooked up with someone who imports it from South Fla ... or someone connected to a grower, or a grower himself, lol.
  3. markstosto

    markstosto Registered+

    yea what he said. I live in Savannah. Some of the SCAD kids got some good stuff.
  4. damianmarleyisraw

    damianmarleyisraw Registered+

    mids mids mids mids, oh, and did i say mids?

    thats all you can find around here buddy, im accually in effingham county but i used to live in savannah wich is 30 mins away from here.
  5. Brett1038

    Brett1038 Registered+

    is anybody still here in savannah?
  6. Pinhigh

    Pinhigh Registered

    I am headed to Effingham county later this summer. Am I gonna have fun or be disappointed?
  7. citric

    citric Registered

    I was in Savannah, at AASU. Like already said, mids and bricks. Look hard enough and you can find the right stuff, I know a guy who makes runs up to Athens and back in a day. Mids should cost you no more than $20-25 an 1/8th there, but anything that people claim to be danky, fire, kb, etc prices and participation may vary. Expect anywhere from $50-90 for an 1/8th of supposed KB.

    As far as other things go, you can find blow, rolls, doses, caps & stems, with relative ease. SCAD kids will become your new friends, so even if they all look the same and all sound the same (but they're all unique???) tolerate them until you can find some good ones.
  8. homegrown23

    homegrown23 Registered


    i see this thread hasnt been replied to in awhile..
    there is plenty of high quality herb in savannah, you just have to know where to look. no joke, ive been able to obtain, quite easily, purp, various kush strains, lots of really good unknown strains covered in red and orange hair, and even trainwreck
  9. southerntoker420

    southerntoker420 Registered

    trainwreck, grandaddy kush, bubblegum, the good stuff issnt really downtown, you gotta know a hookup on tybee or wilmington island, you know, the rich areas.

    so, anyone here live close to the downtown area?
  10. That's an all day trip and a shitty drive!
  11. smokesomethinVA

    smokesomethinVA Registered

    if you feel like makin the trip to statesboro, ga (about 45min), the college kids usually bring some better stuff back from their neck of the woods.
  12. homegrown23

    homegrown23 Registered

    Southerntoker420 has it right

    As he said, most of the good herb that I've found has come from areas other than downtown. There's some good bud on Wilmington if you know the right people
  13. ganjababe2008

    ganjababe2008 Registered


    savannah sucks I was so upset when I moved here in August to find that this place is dryer than a nevada desert. I got robbed today by an african american ghetto dude , he said he'd hook me up with wonderfullness for $60. im a trusting person so fronted him the money...HORRIBLE IDEA.
  14. southerntoker

    southerntoker Registered+

    very bad idea to front in savannah, btw at night this area can be very dangerous so watch out, other than that its never dry if you know te rite ppl
  15. DevilKush

    DevilKush Registered

    Hey whats up everyone i just moved down here also and its been terrible i havent gotten a hold of anything not even reg anyone help me out plz.. peace my emails denkifle@yahoo.com :Rasta:
  16. ganjababe2008

    ganjababe2008 Registered


    yeah dude... savannah was such a disappointment. i thought the crop would be beautiful and plentiful, especially since there's an artschool here. oh well. if i hear of anything i'll try and help people out. I'm willing to drive any distance at this point.
  17. samson91

    samson91 Registered

    man i your right about knowing the right people...moved here and smoked middies for 2 months then one day came across some super silver haze that blew my fucking mind

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