Whats is the legal amount of plants you can grow?

Discussion in 'Colorado (CO)' started by cannamanibus, Nov 17, 2009.

  1. cannamanibus

    cannamanibus Registered+

    Ive been searching for this, but haven't had any luck finding a couple questions.
    How many plants can you grow?

    Is their a 1500w "limit" like cali.?

    can i grow them in backyard w/o worries?
  2. Dietblonde

    Dietblonde Registered+

    3 veg/3 flower per person.

    No watt limit.

    grow in your background without worries? Maybe if you lived out in the boonies. Nosey neighbors are your biggest concern, followed by landlords, cops, theft, pests, good soil...yes, there are worries. good luck.
  3. cannamanibus

    cannamanibus Registered+

    Thanks, i appreciate it. I thought it was 6 i was just wondering. :thumbsup:
  4. fendre

    fendre Registered

    I heard that if you let your doctor know you will be eating your meds rather than smoking they can approve you to be able to grow 6veg/6bloom. Probably just a rumor though. Can somebody please confirm? I have a lung illness and would like to not have to smoke to get what I need to feel well. If this is true I will be talking to the doc about this next time I re-apply.
  5. justinsane33

    justinsane33 Registered+

    not a rumor. i don't know what my caregiver told him but my doctor specifically told me that he was allowing me 12 plants with 6 blooming at all times. a lady from one brown mouse was taking on patients but only if they had 12 plants. my issue is severe nausea so that might have had something to do with it but that just means i CAN'T eat it. i almost always HAVE to smoke.
  6. Feijao

    Feijao Registered+

    My lawyer told me that a doctor can recommend that you be able to grow whatever amount of plants that he thinks fit but the 3/3 rule that the state passed is still the law. The doctors recommendation is just that a recommendation and not a way to overrule state law.

    With that being said if you were to be charged with growing 24 plants and you have a doctors recommendation that stated he thought 24 plants would cover your needs your pretty much guaranteed a not guilty outcome. From what I have heard the state wont even try prosecuting these types of cases any longer due to the fact that they are very hard or even impossible to get
    convictions on.

    The most important thing to remember is that 3/3 is a simple defense and anything more than that is an affirmative defense even with a docs recommendation.

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  7. mad1010

    mad1010 Registered+

    According to your profile, You can not grow any legally.
  8. cannamanibus

    cannamanibus Registered+

    Kool deal. Yah i can't grow legally and i don't no more because i love my freedom, and it's not worth it down here in TX, for me at least. Im just gaining knowledge so i know what i can and can't do when i get there.
  9. StoneyJake

    StoneyJake Registered+

    I was told by MCC that because I have an eatable recommendation from my doctor that I can grow 24 plants at a time(12 flowering). My mother has me as her caregiver so I was told that depending on the county im in I can have up to 24 plants in flowering. I havent went there just yet though. I am sticking with the 6 plants for now until I find out more about it
  10. cannamanibus

    cannamanibus Registered+

    Damn, im dyin to be in colorado now!!!! Can't save money fast enough, I wonder how it will be not knowing anyone and meeting people?
  11. Spacedet01

    Spacedet01 Registered+

    I personally know of people that have doctors give them a 50 plant rec for edibles. Thats 24 flowering 24 vegin and 2 mothers. + he let also recommended that they could possess 1lb dried marijuana. So it is very possible to get this. You just have to see the right doctor and explain your case for edibles..02
  12. StoneyJake

    StoneyJake Registered+

    Im not trying to figure out how to get it as I already have it..
    I was just told that they only honor it in certain counties
  13. Spacedet01

    Spacedet01 Registered+

    Got it...To my knowledge its honored in all counties.
  14. StoneyJake

    StoneyJake Registered+

    Right on.
    Thats what I want to hear. :p
    It does make sense, after all it takes a lot more to make a good eatable. Eating is the healthier way to go so the state should encourage these eatable licenses
  15. puntacometa

    puntacometa Registered+

    My doctor designated that I be allowed 12 plants on my mmj application and it was approved by the state. Same with my wife.
    That doesn't necessarily mean that you won't have to deal with some major shite if you are inspected and some hardass decides that you are over the state mandated plant count of 6. You'd better have a freezer full of edibles on hand to CYA if you do this, and even then, you're probably going to need to call your doctor in to testify at your court hearing.

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