Whats it like to meditate while high?

Discussion in 'Spirituality' started by lazy smoker7, Mar 12, 2007.

  1. lazy smoker7

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    Well I was considering to start to meditate after smoking or orally consuming cannabis. I mean I heard ppl can get in this "trance" type of state while meditating while sober. So I was thinking it would probally be awesome to meditate baked off my ass with no lights on and a few lit candels and some awesome relaxation music.. just so I can think and explore deeper into my mind and think more deeper of this life. I was just wondering if any one here or if any one has used weed to meditate and if so does it increase the high at all? Does any one here who meditates and gets high before hand? If so please give me some tips and stuff on how to meditate on cannabis... I sorta looking for a spiritual experience using cannabis... any one else into this and if so please give me some tips :)
  2. orange floyd

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    i prefer meditating sober or while tripping, weed makes my head too foggy and makes my attention span too short to sit there and clear my mind.

    but uh. just close your eyes, put some headphones on with music, and sync up your breathing with the music (aka, inhale/exhale every other measure), focus your thoughts on one thing, i find it helps to chant a mantra (even if its a meaningless sentence, like when i was listening to no quarter by led zeppelin i made up "there is no quarter in the forter"), helps clear your mind and focus you on just chanting that.

    after about ten minutes you can stop chanting, but try to keep your breathing on beat with the music (and gradually slow it down, inhaling every 3-4 measures and then exhaling, etc. deep slow breaths).

    once you clear your mind, you will be left in a very calm, blissful state
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  3. Matt the Funk

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    It's a little easier to meditate while high, haven't tried it for a while. Haven't meditated in a while in general. I might recommend meditating on salvia if I didn't almost always have bad trips on it.
    EDIT:Just relax man, try to let go from the stress of the day to keep your mind from racing about it. Cannabis should help with this, I know it makes some peoples minds race and others stop racing but I know it makes everyone relaxed.
  4. lazy smoker7

    lazy smoker7 Registered+

    yea cannabis always relaxes my mind almost no matter what... i dont do other drugs besides weed so I dont trip really often lol (maybe 1 "harder" drug like once ever 2 years).. i mean yes i have tried salvia once and it made me really scared so id rather not try to meditate on it...so anyways thanks for your help guys :)
  5. mrdevious

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    Meditation is, essentially, the art of concentration. It is learning how to control your mindstate, guide your consciousness, and maintain a perception. Lots of (often innexperienced) people insist that it makes no difference whether or not you smoke weed before meditation, that it just makes it "easier". This isn't true. Drugs of many sorts can work as beneficial tools for certain types of mental exploration, but only for their particular advantage. If you want to experience true meditation, and the true deep meditative state that carries with it a clarity like none other, then you have to go in drug free.
    Otherwise, weed or anything else will block your perceptions from going past a certain point. They will force you mind into percieving the world in a way normally induced by the substance, and you can not expect to go much further. I'll undoubtedly have many people come into this thread and tell me how wrong I am, how they smoke weed all the time and meditate etc etc. But what I can tell you from my experience of 4 years meditating is that, whether some stoners like to admit it or not, weed and any other drug forces your perceptions. The more experienced with meditation you get, the more you start to see the subtle difference perception makes in your waking and meditative life. And there is a certain type of perception, a pure, enlightened, truly incredible perception, that arises strictly of your mind's own accord.
  6. mrdevious

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    Oh! I should mention as well that salvia is a VERY usefull meditation substance. There's actually one buddhist sect I came across once that utilized it in their meditations, and I use it about once every 2 weeks myself. I find it to be an incredibly usefull tool when used properly and with the right intention. If you feel you're not ready for it that's abstolutely cool. You have to feel ready for any powerfull entheogen before utilizing it's powerfull tools. But I would recommend using salvia in leaf form, as it's a considerably more mild substance and still very conductive to meditation (though don't use multiple doses for one sesh, maybe just 1 or 2).
  7. MelT

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    I'd agree to some extent. Some forms of meditation are easier with cannabis, and it's certainly easier to prepare for a session when you're stoned. But 'true meditative states' are not precluded from the mind by its use if you know what you're doing. You certainly need to be able to learn to identify particular mind states straight first before practicing stoned, but cannabis wont prevent you from reaching the required states and will even increase the liklihood of falling into them accidentally. Early use (by that I mean people who are relatively new users) of cannabis promotes mindfulness, metta and relaxation - as long as you aren't completely wasted. So it's certainly worth exploring the high to see what comes up. The main thing to remember is that not everything you experience whilst doing it has any particular spiritual meaning.

    Also (to another poster), only the early states that we meditators are looking for are about controlling the mind - think of this stage like limbering up in preparation for later techniques. There comes a point quite soon in practise (usually after the first year or so) when control is minimised so that the mind is left flexible. It's a bit of a myth that the only way to reach enlightenment is through deeper and deeper focussed absorptions or trance-like states. Closing the mind off and becoming deeply internalised isn't the best way to go.

  8. Stoner Shadow Wolf

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    i like stoned meditation. im more clear headed, more focused, and i can concentrate better.

    if i am trying to clear my mind, i have an easier time than if i were sober.

    if i am trying to meditate on an activity, i am more clear thinking and focused.

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