What's stronger hash or weed?

Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by Reefer Rogue, Nov 26, 2004.

  1. Reefer Rogue

    Reefer Rogue Registered+

    i just wanted to ask this question coz id like to know. well which one is stronger and i guess what i mean by stronger is what will get you more f'd up. isnt hash the resin from weed? and i heard that the resin is where the most thc is so does that make hash stronger? can any1 clear this up 4 me plz thanks.
  2. ineedskillz

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    What decade are we talking about..?
    If it the present 2004 than Id have to say weed.
    The 90's had some good hash id give it a tie..
    The 80's Now that was great hash 100% better than any weed I could get.

    My reasoning behind this is..
    In the 80's all the weed that was around was imported compressed and full of stalks and seeds.
    The 90's A lot of peps started growing there own weed ie hydro.Most hash that I could get back then was cut to make hash oil so far less potent.
    The present I haven't smoked great hash in 15 years. I can still get it but it's nothing like the weed I can get.

    So to answer the ? Id have to say weed all the way. Unless you know sombody that is making it..
  3. Reefer Rogue

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  4. king cola

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    some of the shit in the dam, like somas critical extraction jelly hash is supposed to be a one spliff killer, but normaly weed is stronger than resins unless you get lucky and get sum nice pollen, sometimes that hits you hard if you havent smoked resins in a while.
  5. Kombucha

    Kombucha Registered+

    Well resin is much cheaper right? So its probably shitter too.

  6. IntrepidS

    IntrepidS Registered+

    Actually hash is way stronger, because it has a much higher percentage of THC. Just think about it, hash is basically all the shit from the weed that gets you fucked.
  7. 00Ampersand

    00Ampersand Registered+

    Depends on a lot of factors...ideally, hash is stronger per gram than weed because it is made by extracting trichomes, the little THC producing glands, off the cannabis plant, (usually from the non-bud areas of the cannabis plant that would be thrown away otherwise, such as leaves and trim, ect), and compressing it in to blocks. But, depending on the extraction process, you can get different grades of hash, (best to worst:00, 0, 1, 2, 3)...the lower grades contain a lot of vegetative matter, so their potency could be considerably less than the bud produced from the plant. Also, hash is only as potent as the plant it is derrived from--a plant with mediocre potency will produce average hash at the 00 grade. A lot of street hash is SHIT because it's produced using low-grade extraction processes, (they can make more this way=more $$$).
    So in conclusion, hash can be a LOT more potent than weed, but usually it isn't. *I think some people are confusing the res produced from trichome-extraction with the res produced by scrapping the shit from your pipe:D*
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  8. stokes

    stokes Registered

    From my experience ... Top notch weed gives you a better high than top notch hash. Most hash is made from bullshit weed.

  9. kyle

    kyle Registered+

    well considering the only reason to make hash is if u have low potency weed, or weed with a low bud percentage, if u were to take a gram of hash and a gram of bud that the hash was made from using a correct extraction process, then obviously the hash would get u more fucked up, but i perfer the look,taste and all around feel of hitting green
  10. duppy man

    duppy man Registered+

    what I've heard solids are made from Henna, prescription drugs and any other shit that will make the weight, at least with weed good or bad its a safer option (in my opinion)
  11. Proof

    Proof Registered+

    Yup nothin can beat the taste of green :) u never no what they throw in dirty hash like duppy man said
  12. KillaBuzz

    KillaBuzz Registered+

    yah well it all dependz on the quality ov the shit yer gettin. u mite get bomb weed but shitty hash therefore thinkin the weed iz better. bottom line iz, if the person who made the hash did er right, the hash will handz down get u higher. now therez alot ov ppl sayin they havnt gotten good quality hash in a while. well wut if i told yaz that with about 8 buckz u can make a kind ov powder-trichome bubble hash. thatz the best way i can describe it. yer basicly takin the crystalz off the bud, eliminatin plant material but keepin the thc. go buy a coffee grinder. drop a couple gramz in. tap the button fer a couple secondz untill the bud iz cut up how u like it. get a make up brush er a paintbrush. pour out the weed. brush all the green/yellow/white coloured crystalz(dependin on the bud) into one area ov the lid ov the buster, then tap it out on the table er wutever. pack a bowl and put sum crystal ontop er roll a joint wit crystal mixed in. now u mite think that this duznt make a difference becuz u cant create anby more thc then wut wuz already there. thiz iz tru, but when u take the crystalz, the amount ov thc per asmount ov smoke yer inhalin will increase an this will get u a clearer headed buzz like hash. giver a try, even if u dunt like the crystalz, which i cant imagine, u will luv how big yer gramz fluff out to, an how wuickly u can bust up yer shit
  13. duppy man

    duppy man Registered+

    hash produced for the open market is of in my opinion a very low grade....and doe's not compare to greens in any way shape or form, and that comes from 40 odd years off experience in the 1960s -70s the solids going around then were far Superior and more defined than what we have today dealers seemed to have a certain pride in what they were selling //
  14. Stoned Scouser

    Stoned Scouser Registered+

    yer nowdayz skunk's well stronger but if u get hold of real hashish frm places like morroco and the middle east, before it has b'n mixed with henna, rubber, plastic shopping bags etc. it is very, very effective and would probably sell for £200 an ounce (5x stronger than the average pressed rocky!)
  15. boywonder

    boywonder Registered+

    afgani hash

    I think i prefer good hash to good skunk just because you can get such a nice taste off decent hash. weed has it's taste but alot of it is the same not complety but you know it's skunk but with hash you deffenatly get a larger variety of good flavous. i swear where your on the end of a joiint of afgani hash the high is so good and it tastes so good it's feels so heavy that your kinda eating the smoke coz it tastes so good. like your really hungry for it coz it's so appertising. it's like you cant stop toking because it's so nice. i don think i explained mysef here but never mind.
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  16. Reefer Rogue

    Reefer Rogue Registered+

    lol, i forgot i made this thread. I still haven't tried hash...
  17. LearyS Disciple

    LearyS Disciple Registered+

    the hash i get around here is better than any bud around and there is some really good bud. hash is defiantley stronger because just like intrepid said, all it is, is the stuff from weed that gets u high pressed together
  18. Stedric

    Stedric Registered+

    I've made hash myself from a pretty simple extraction process (I'm no Chemist, trust me). The first time I tried it I didn't grind the stuff right so it was somewhere between weed and hash, had the consistency of oregano. It still got me plenty fucked after just one bowl though so I'd have to say it was worth it.

    It actually isn't that difficult of a process, the trick is grinding it into a fine powder first.
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  19. Syrus

    Syrus Registered+

    It really depends. Theres really good quality hash and weed and theres really bad hash and weed. Just luck of the draw realy.
  20. NowhereMan

    NowhereMan Registered+

    hash is stronger more potent
    but i love the taiste of a green bud in the morning
    hell i love the taiste of good hash too
    not that crap with crap in it,

    i think it takes like 3 ounces of decent bud to make 1 of hash
    lots more if using crap weed,or so ive read,never made any

    best i had was soft black gooey stuff from amsterdam
    second best was from UK and it had a flavor like "good bud when you exhaled"
    the after taiste of great smoke,sort of
    it was light colored too.and a bowl would stone you .

    but there is nothing compares to a nice cured skunk budd for flavor and satisfaction buzzworthyness
    hash will kick your ass,but a weed lover will want a jiont to smoke just the same

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