What's stronger hash or weed?

Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by Reefer Rogue, Nov 26, 2004.

  1. Dick Justice

    Dick Justice Registered+

    Good hash will screw you up goodly. My buddy brought back some from Amsterdam, we just put a little bit on top of our respective packed bowls.....

  2. Edgar

    Edgar Registered+

    I love that avatar stoker!

    Most hash in the USA today, is cut with all kinds of garbage(greese, ketamine, or tar even.) to make the weight, so id have to go with the green locally. But if i was in 'dam, I'd definitely choose hash.
  3. Edgar

    Edgar Registered+

    *edit stoker to stokes =P
  4. ParadiseLife

    ParadiseLife Registered+

    hmm just smoked some pretty good hash and took a hit of acid
    i feel calm i get a different buzz from weed so they r both good to me
  5. gs8778

    gs8778 Registered+

    it all depends on what you buy. Could be shitty hash or shitty weed. But the absolute best hash around would be better than the absolute best bud. And the best hash/honey oil would be even better. But no one ever has the best, so therefore the question is irrelevant.
  6. Thakur shab

    Thakur shab Registered

    I have never smoked WEED but i smoke hash every minute i m from kullu himachal pradesh INDIA just wanted to tell hash is good and i love it u should try the malana cream,
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  7. Weezard

    Weezard Registered+

    Howzit Thakur?

    :)That thread is 12 years old.
    I agree about the malana cream, but would trade it 10 to 1 with Ice water hash made from top shelf Hawaiian buds.
    It has no equal.

    Wee 'zard
  8. GuzBuzzy

    GuzBuzzy Registered+

    Hash is much stronger as hell. I've been too high and I forgot to flush the toilet.. :D
  9. SpectateSwamp

    SpectateSwamp Registered+

    There was no stronger pot than thai sticks.
  10. Zack M

    Zack M Registered

    Hash is basically the pressed kief, which is the crystal resin glands or "trichomes" that you see coating cannabis buds. THC and other compounds (CBD etc.) are stored there. So when you take kief and put it into a more concentrated and condensed form, you're going to get higher than you would from just smoking the flower as a whole.

    Pot Valet

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