Whats the average time for a seed to sprout?

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by kaj621, May 7, 2007.

  1. kaj621

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    ok, i planted my seeds last friday, and they havent sprouted yet. Should they have popped out of the soil by now or should i keep waiting. I've been constantly keeping the soil moist for germination. how long does it ussually take to sprout???
  2. J-dubb206

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    You didnt germinate them first?
  3. twitch

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    you dont have to germinate them but it does help... what do you have them in and give them 2 weeks tops
  4. Inferius

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    Usually, germination speeds up the process, and for me they've usually sprouted 1-2 days after germination, which usually takes two days.
    4 days with germination. Your seeds might be older or maybe you buried them too deep? You're not supposed to go below 1/2 inch for seedlings.
    It's also possible that you literally have zero germination. What kind of seed are they?
  5. kaj621

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    hey i have the seeds in topsoil (only soil i was able to get at that time, and a friends mom with planting experience said it would work), and i put the none germinated seeds about 1.5-2 inches below the surface... can i still take them out at this point and plant them closer to the surface??.. the seeds are all from seedboutique.com and from the company Nirvana
  6. stinkyattic

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    You planted very deep.
    1/4" below surface is more like it.
    The seeds may have rotted by now.

    Just to clear up, germination refers to getting the seed to 'pop' and grow its tap root... this can be done in water, towelling, soil, but it's still germination.

    Temperature plays a role in length of time to germ and break dirt. Too low, nothing happens, too high, you get rot, try to keep it right at 75-80 degrees F until you get true leaves.
  7. kaj621

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    kk thanks... i dont think they rotted yet because the tempurature is a little lower than wut it should be... im going to try and replant them closer to the surface, im just worried that if they germinated already, the roots might become damaged
  8. Dizzy1

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    I planted 8 non-germinated seeds on the evening of May 5th in soil. They're in a peat pellet container in a PC case with
    (2) 13 watt CFL warm lights. 4 of the seeds sprouted on May 12th with a 5th seeds making itself visible in the dirt.
    I've read it can take from 3 days to 3 weeks for seeds to sprout without outside intervention. I've also read if they don't sprout by that 3rd week to go ahead and dig em up and try to germinate since you probably don't have that much to loose by trying.


    Good luck!
  9. highguyinny

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    My seeds have been germinating for about 4 or 5 days now. I heard it takes about 2-7 days for the germination process to come to an end, from what I've read and heard. About 1 1/2 days after I started germination, one fat seed already began sprouting a root so I planted it immediately. I haven't seen any progress with any more seeds or the planted seed yet. Some of the germinating seeds (There are currently 23 left), some shells seem to be cracking and it looks as if a tip of a root is try to come out.
  10. lukewarm

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    I got my seeds to germ in 20 hours using the 6 layer towels and some hydrogen peroxide on the outer most layers and keeping it slightly wet with bottle water
  11. raizla

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    I'm a firm believer in the paper towel method after having my first germination yesterday. 3 seends in the paper towel, and 3 sprouts about 30 hours later. Now, a day later I haven't seen them emerge from the soil, so I hope everything is ok!
  12. Dutch Pimp

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    1. directly in the soil...1/4 inch deep..keep soil temp above 80 degrees..keep soil moist, not wet...works for me

    2. don't compact the soil too much...or the little fuckers can't get out...:rastabanna:

    RAINHAZE Banned

    ..plus ya dont wanna piss 'em off!:D

    When I plant my freshly germed seeds 1/4" deep, I also put a piece of saran wrap on top of the container to act as a "humidity tent". So like DutchPimp says, keep 'em warm. Yesterday I had one just becoming visible, and this morning it had already reached the saran wrap and is 2" tall!
  14. Weezard

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    What DP said!
    It's nature's way.

    I just want to add an important point for direct planting in soil or coco.

    Plant them pointy end up, because:

    The way.JPG

    That first turn gives it an anchor to push the taproot down from.
    Once the taproot is established is provides the hydraulic pressure to plump up the coyledons which splits the seed husk

    It also provides considerable leverage for pulling the husk off cleanly and as it is dragged up, the soil resistance helps pull it open, and ideally, leaves it in the soil.
    If planted too shallow, there is not enough "drag on the husk"
    Planted too deep, and they can rot, or run out of stored energy trying to push up through the extra soil.

    Oh, one more tip.
    When you do get a "stuck husk" don't try to pry it off.
    It's best to wet it with an eyedropper, wait until it softens, (bout 10 minutes), and it will come right off.

    Planted abscission side up, they still hang a U, sense light, hang another U, (then it becomes an S), to get the taproot pointed back down.

    That uses up much of the seed's stored energy.

    They never fully recover. :(
    It's the cause of many mystery runts.

    Nature can afford to waste the majority of her seeds.
    Nature isn't paying $10 USD ea.!

    2 bright shiney pennies please.;)
    We also take dirty old dimes.:D

    Aloha Y'all
    (Swappin' lies and spittin' flies, for over 2/3rds of a century.)
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    Next time germ them seeds first using paper towel method before putting the sprouts onto the soil mix. Better and more reliable this way.
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