Whats the best Head Shop in New York City?

Discussion in 'New York (NY)' started by Solitude, Sep 14, 2007.

  1. Solitude

    Solitude Registered+

    Just wondering because I am only in New York City for another day and I would like to get a small bong to bring back to college. Any help would be great.
  2. dannyboy420

    dannyboy420 Registered+

    As a former New Yorker, I think the prices of NYC headshops are ridiculously high.

    Still, if you want to pick up something, I'd try the West Village (the West 4th stop on the subway). There are many little headshops all around Washington Square Park -- you're bound to find something you like.

    I'd also recommend haggling. These guys know there are a number of competitors doors away and will cut their prices a bit to make a sale.

    Good luck.
  3. sonne

    sonne Registered

    Its not a headshop, but if youre looking for some awesome glassware ..cheap..check out china town...canal st...small vendors (mostly indian or pakistani) a few are indoors...haggle hard, i got two beautiful pieces a few wks back, the dude started at fifty bucks a piece...I walked away, he chased after me and I ended up getting both of em for twenty bucks...lol!:D
  4. Scrooge McBlunts

    Scrooge McBlunts Registered+


    HANDS DOWN ITS GOT TO BE "Shisha International" 171 West 4th Street.The first time i went there i was AMAZED! i had never seen so many bongs/pipes in my life.the prices aren't that high and its DEFFINANTLY worth checking out.i have purchased my bubbler,my water bong, and my one hitter there, and was satifised with all of them.
  5. bud23

    bud23 Registered

    I'm looking for a head shop in Eastern Long Island. I think I have heard of one in Moriches but can't find any info about it. What head shops do you guys know of out east? The closer to Southampton the better. :)
  6. bklynbenz

    bklynbenz Registered+

    + 1. this is where i bought my 7mm roor and where i get my spare volcano parts
  7. NORAD58

    NORAD58 Registered

    UTOPIA SMOKE SHOP in Hicksville on Route 110. Awesome shop and ive been going there since I was 18. Im 40 now (sheesh)

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