Whats the Best LIGHT CYCLE???

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by dougefresh, Feb 19, 2007.

  1. dougefresh

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    um..i am debating on wether or not to keep my seedlings under 24 hrs of light. I am not sure which is better 24 hrs or 18 on and 6 off etc..Can someone let me know which one they think works best to achieve fastest growth? THanx!!
  2. GaGrown

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    I'd have to say....... um, 18/6 veg. 12/12 flower.It won't hurt the seedling to have 24 hours.You need to keep the light as close as you can so they won't stretch.

    Ga Grown!
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  3. KL4D4

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    With my plant I went from 24-0 to 18-6 to 12-12
  4. dougefresh

    dougefresh Registered+

    by stretch u mean..

    by stretch do u mean like the first set of leaves are realy big and wide? bc thats what they did, is this a really bad thing or can it be lived with?
  5. xxxhazexxx

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    bigger the leaves the better and 18/6 is the best cycle:Rasta:
  6. dougefresh

    dougefresh Registered+

    how close

    how close should thep lants be from a 400w MH light...> i have them about 3 inches under is this good?
  7. BlazeIdo

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    Check out light height post in FAQ section.
  8. BlazeIdo

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    HARDDON Registered+

    They are prolly dead fried by now so no need to answer this one, eh?:jointsmile:

    When I grew, I know my plants preferred 18/6 veg then 13/11 flower.
  10. cookiee

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    rite ive had a few fair crops off but my last batch of seedlings was a fuk up had the wrong dirt for a seedling n 10 weeks down the line i have perfect little loads of folidge loads of internodes cannabis bushes..??..!!! is there hope for these there far to small to put 12/12 but i dont want to give up on them if i can get them taller i think there gona b beasts of plants help theyve been 24 hr veg should i go 18/6 to see if theyll stretch?? hellpp lol :)
  11. Douglas1

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    cookie, if you are going to copy paste your question into multiple threads unrelated to your query, at least make it make sense..
  12. Gatekeeper777

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    I have read on this very board that some have had success with 13/11 as opposed to 12/12 for flower.
  13. RackitMan

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    Tell that to the sun.
  14. ogganjagrower

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    18/6 perfect

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