Whats the best ph for watering soil

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by stoned#, Mar 27, 2007.

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    Hi, Whats the best ph for my water to be at before i water my plants, My tap water has a ph of 7.55, do i need to lower this ph for better results.:hippy:
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    I believe it depends on your Ph of the soil. or you Ph Runoff... this question always gets me too....

    the ideal ph is 6.8 in the soil. So if the Ph of your soil is 6.8 than you would want your water to be 6.8Ph...

    however if your Ph of your soil was 6.0Ph I believe you would want your water to be at 7.8Ph to make up the difference and balance out the soil so it ends up with 6.8 Runoff...

    I think this is correct, My soil Runoff is always low (6.0) I use ProMix. I can't get it right Its very annoying. I water with water at Ph 7.5 to help make up for my low runoff. im not exactly sure if this is correct.

    Since I feed every watering (Botanicare Pure Blend Pro) I believe this is keeping my Ph so Low. im thinking the only way to fix my Low Ph problems is to doa feed feed water schedual. to help clear out some of the built up salts.

    Hope I was some help... im sure others can explain more.
  3. stoned#

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    The last house i lived in the tap water must have been perfect because all of my plants use to grow huge, with no signs of any sickness, Do your plants grow well, and if not what effects does the ph show on your plants.

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