what's the best quote about weed ever heard ?

Discussion in 'Activism' started by weedquotes, May 31, 2011.

  1. weedquotes

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    after running thru over 300 weed quotes from famous artists, politicians and weed activists, I think I made an idea about the truth behind weed. Do you have a favorite quote about weed, and if so, what is it ?
  2. CanGroIt

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    I know you don't smoke weed, I know this.... But I'm goin get'cha high taday. Cause it's Friday, you ain't got no job, you ain't got sh*t'ta do!!!!! - Smokey, From Friday ~~~:jointsmile:

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  3. pushit

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    A friend with weed is a friend indeed. haha
  4. seabourne

    seabourne Registered+

    "The only way to kill a mouse with cannabis is to drop 25 pounds of weed from 5 feet high directly on it!"
  5. Esoteric416

    Esoteric416 Registered+

    No one ever died from Marijuana that wasn't shot by a cop. -Jack Herer
  6. rudy2010

    rudy2010 Banned

    Marijuana is harmless but your police force is armed and dangerous. "A Childs Garden of Grass"

    That is the entire chapter on the dangers of marijuana.
  7. drudown11

    drudown11 Registered+

    "Is marijuana addictive? Yes, in the sense that most of the really pleasant things in life are worth endlessly repeating."

    Neville, Richard
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  8. drudown11

    drudown11 Registered+

    "smoking marijuana is not pyschically addicting, growing it is"

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  9. tinytoon

    tinytoon Registered+

    PabSab .................. Pass a bong smoke a bong
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  10. Rusty Trichome

    Rusty Trichome Registered+

    'Weed will get you times of no money, better than money will get you through times of no weed...' (Fat Freddy)

    'Onward...through the fog'. (Oat Willie's Power Hitter motto)
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  11. Dutch Pimp

    Dutch Pimp Up in Smoke

    "if you don't cough...you don't get off"-Justified
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  12. rollzone

    rollzone Registered+

    "Dave's not here."
    "Hey man, do you wanna smoke some weed?"
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  13. iluv420

    iluv420 Registered

    "we can't stop here, this is bat country!"
    -Raoul Duke, Fear and Loathing in Las vegas
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  14. NHAinWV

    NHAinWV Registered+

    Man made beer .... God made pot ... who do you trust? - Unknown
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  15. LuLzBoaT

    LuLzBoaT Registered+

    Me friend David 3 years ago....." Have you ever hit a Hash Bell my friend?"
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  16. Dutch Pimp

    Dutch Pimp Up in Smoke

    "if you don't cough....you don't get off"
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  17. GaGrown

    GaGrown Registered+

    Gas,Grass or Ass... No Free Rides!
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  18. williboy

    williboy Registered+

    That is The one that comes to mind for me too, but I also like, "Weed will get ya through times of no money better than money will through times of no weed"
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  19. painretreat

    painretreat Registered+

    "Any Pot is better than no Pot at all!" Lanny Swerdlow, R.N. MPP (South. Calif.)
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  20. williboy

    williboy Registered+

    I say, "Remember when 'going to pot' was a bad thing?"
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