What's the best way to scrape a pipe?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by Satovan, May 9, 2005.

  1. Satovan

    Satovan Registered+

    I never clean out any of my pipes, so they're all packed with resin. The only time I ever take anything out of it is if the holes plugged up, and that's usually just garbage. Right now I'm looking to make a huge ball out of all of the shit that's built up in the pipes stem, but I can't figure out a good way to get at it. It's just your standard spoon. So... What do you guys use to scrape your pipes?
  2. brrg744

    brrg744 Registered+

    well.... hot water works(boiling waters even better), but i dunno if u can still use it. i throw my resin out after i boil it
  3. rysk8er420

    rysk8er420 Registered+

    Dont use hot water, its a mess and smells up you whole house of resin. I would reccomend your standard paper clip, or bobby pins work well to because they have a flat edge. Also u should use ur lighter to heat up the resin a little bit before scraping, this makes it much easier.
  4. IonMyke

    IonMyke Registered+

    I usually start at the carb hole.
  5. john appleseed

    john appleseed Registered

    definately heat it up...for a dugout, use a straightened coat hanger. it pushes out a little 'turd' of resin.
  6. mellow mood

    mellow mood Banned

    heat it up then take a hair clip or something that can fit in your bowl and flat. yea paper clips are good. but for glass pipes i use hot water then i just put the resinated water in a filtrer and i smoke the shit

  7. alcoholfueled

    alcoholfueled Registered

    hey i can take my pipe apart, then i just scrape it out with wire, then you can smoke the resin and it does get you stoned, only it tasts bad and it gives me a body stoned.
  8. grapedog420

    grapedog420 Registered

    Be careful though. Scraping it with a paper clip is fine; if you have a glass spoon, and you use a wire that's too strong, you might crack your piece.

    if you use wire cutters on a wire (like a paper clip) that's dull, it'll give it a flat, sharp point that's better for scraping.

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