whats the best weed

Discussion in 'Georgia (GA)' started by greenmanondeck, Nov 6, 2006.

  1. greenmanondeck

    greenmanondeck Registered

    whats the best weed i think its purp what do yall think :joint2:
  2. machinehead83

    machinehead83 Registered

    I've heard that myself...just never seen it....
  3. BUDhha

    BUDhha Registered+

    hard to say. thats like asking who's your favorite athlete... most will have a different opinion and most havent smoked every strain in the world.
  4. blackbarbie

    blackbarbie Registered+

  5. LiquidMagik

    LiquidMagik Registered+

    Had some Cali-O that was really good recently, as well as some purple fire. Not all purps are the bomb, had some purple princess a couple weeks ago that definitely was nothing to write home about. Best all time I'd have to say is Amnesia Haze or Diamond Cutter.
  6. MVilleToker

    MVilleToker Registered+

    idk ...so many types of fire dank...maybe like organic bubblegum or real granddaddy purp or kush. best shit is 2 smoke a blunt of push. kush and purp
  7. justindolan

    justindolan Registered+

    The best weed is from the plant you have grown and cared for yourself. From picking out the best seed to smoking that weed, there ain't nothing better. Free is good too.
  8. GoAwayDeer

    GoAwayDeer Registered+

    Best smoke, Ive smoked coming from the streets of Atl, has gotta be White Widow Skunk, also Kush for that stoned out body high.
  9. GreenLadyOfDankDowns

    GreenLadyOfDankDowns Registered+

    I sampled Big Bud x White Rhino the other day. I found the high to be outstanding.
  10. GoAwayDeer

    GoAwayDeer Registered+

    Damn Green, that's a good combination. I've smoked rhino, very white and crystalized... Big Bud is greener then bermuda grass, so green and so so so good. :jointsmile:
  11. GreenLadyOfDankDowns

    GreenLadyOfDankDowns Registered+

    That bud was very green with loads of lovely crystals. The scent was amazing. My only regret is that I had to smoke it in a pipe as I still haven't replaced my dearly departed bong. I only wish we would get the more exotic varieties in this area more often.
  12. Earthy Dank

    Earthy Dank Registered+

    I am a Huge fan of sativas... I love that speedy high...
  13. BloodShot420

    BloodShot420 Registered+

    sativa fan here too... grapefruit and cinnamon are both good - got them from the good Dr. ... grapefruit is phenominal, from cindy99.
  14. Albanius

    Albanius Registered

    I'm of the mindset that the best is the free stuff that a friend is handin out at a party or get together. If I had to go by strain I would think White Russian (cross between AK-47 and White Widow) was just out-damn-standing. Although can't go wrong with kush.
  15. 4twentE

    4twentE Registered+

    People are calling everything "purp" around here. Jack Herer and AK-47 are floating around the ATL area now, but the most of the dealers don't really know the difference so they call it "purp." It used to be dro. It's all pretty much "dank" to me. Though one of my hooks got some of what he called "Tangerine Purp" the other day. That was some fire and had a distinguishable flavor and stuff.
  16. BwiseLegalize

    BwiseLegalize Registered+

    The best weed I've smoke has been some Amsterdam grown Skunk...:pimp:
  17. HighTy

    HighTy Registered+

    I just got some purple princess kush from by buddy! Cant wait to try it.

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