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Discussion in 'Colorado (CO)' started by PoppyGreenBud, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. PoppyGreenBud

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    There is a mad flagger on that list and it has been essentially shut down. There are bots running that auto flag as soon as posts are activated and the email notification of the flaggings get disabled.

    I notified Craigslist about this but they have done nothing more than send me an auto-response

    I heard a rumor that it is the Larimer County Task force on drugs monitoring and shutting it down. I also heard it was a dispensary owner who is a hater of the competition CL is providing. All I know is who ever is behind it posted a long winded quote of Am 20 and said it was MMJ sales through CL does not comply with....then yanked the post within 30 min.

    Anybody know antything more or a CL alternative for us folks in the North? (FTC, LVLND GRLY)
  2. MakeSense

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    I doubt it is a single individual. I believe a post has to be flagged several times before it is removed.
  3. showstopper

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    1 hater can flag and remove a post in minutes, with the right download.
  4. SoCoMMJ

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    Colorado Springs has been like that for a long time. The rumor was that it was a dispensary that hired a person to flag all craigslist ads.

    Business must be bad when you have to be a douche in order to keep customers.
  5. COfluffhead

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    :::ahem:::: hb-1284:mad:
  6. SoCoMMJ

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    Not so sure you can blame it on all on HB10-1284.

    We're fully compliant and have no problem selling everything we can grow...without advertising anywhere or even a sign on our building.
    I guess it's a good problem for a business to have. :)

    If you have a quality product and treat your patients like the should be treated, they will find you.

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