What's your take on penis removal?

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  1. beachguy in thongs

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    -It's really gotta hurt. To a girl, you can't even say, "Oh, well it's like getting your finger cut off, well, maybe your leg. Probably, a certain section of your brain."

    I guess it'd be, like, eating a girl out and removing her ovaries with your mouth.

    Before cops threw the book at him, Jakub Fik threw something unusual at them -- his penis.

    Fik, 33, cut off his own penis during a Northwest Side rampage Wednesday morning. When confronted by police, Fik hurled several knives and his severed organ at the officers, police said. Officers stunned him with a Taser and took him into custody.

    "We took him out without any serious injury, with the exception of his own," said Chicago Police Sgt. Edward Dolan of the 16th District.

    Doctors at Northwestern Memorial Hospital reattached Fik's penis Wednesday, sources said. He was listed in good condition Thursday, according to hospital spokesman Andrew Buchanan, who declined to comment further.

    Fik, who lives in the 5400 block of W. Berenice, is charged with two counts of aggravated assault and one count of criminal damage to property, said Officer Laura Kubiak. He told paramedics he was distraught over problems with his girlfriend in Poland, Dolan said.

    Police arrived on Fik's block at 8:20 a.m. Wednesday after receiving reports he was smashing car windows, Dolan said. Fik then broke into a house down the block. A group of six or seven officers assembled in front of the house, Dolan said.

    The occupants were not home, he added.

    Fik was bleeding when the officers arrived and may have already cut off his organ, Dolan said.

    "At that point, this guy came running out, naked, with a handful of knives . . . and started throwing knives at the police officers that were 10, 20, 30 feet away," Dolan said.

    Fik threw his penis during the confrontation, too, Dolan said. He then went back into the house and re-emerged with "another handful of knives," Dolan said.

    Dolan sneaked to the side of the bungalow's front steps and stunned Fik with the Taser. Fik fought back when officers went to restrain him, Dolan said.

    "About 10 feet from the front porch, right on the sidewalk, was his penis," Dolan said.

    Dr. Greg Bales, associate professor of urology at the University of Chicago, said severed penises are uncommon but surgery usually works.

    "As long as the penis is placed on ice and reattached within a few hours, the success is usually pretty good," Bales said.

  2. Kryzco

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    damn thats just fuckin crazy

    and it sucks cuz it didn't even stop them

    stupid people these days, why would a man cut off his own penis? I'm a chick but even I could feel the pain on that one
  3. Marijuanifornia

    Marijuanifornia Registered

    He could have been a little more romantic and mailed it to his girlfriend, like Van Gogh.
  4. beachguy in thongs

    beachguy in thongs Registered+

    Now, you know how nuts girls drive us.

    But, excellent question. :smokin:
  5. skulltorcha

    skulltorcha Registered+

    That thing could could poke an eye out!
  6. HiddenBeauty

    HiddenBeauty Registered+

    He sent his ear not his penis :)

    I wonder if a guy loses some of his intelligence when the penis is cut off,they do think with it after all :p
  7. MaRiAh

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  8. psychocat

    psychocat Registered+

    They should only do it to women !
    It's not a friggin truck gearshift girls.
  9. zephyrinne

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    Wow is all I gotta say. lol

    What man would cut off his own junk? Other than a severely, mentally disturbed lunatic.. which I guess that means this guy. Because you're distraught over a girl? If that girl is giving you so many problems, leave her ass! Jesus. I think that's better than severing your own dick. Just my guess though.. I'm with Kryzco, I'm a girl and I find that painful to think about for a guy. Ouchie.

    But hey, makes my day more entertaining! :thumbsup: Thanks for that, Beachguy! :)
  10. psychocat

    psychocat Registered+

    Rugby fan cut off his own testicles
    8 February 2005
    A Welsh rugby fan cut off his own testicles after his team beat England, police confirmed today.
    The man was rushed to hospital after the incident at Leigh Social Club in Caerphilly, South Wales.
    A Gwent Police spokeswoman said: "We received a call from the ambulance service at approximately 9pm on the 5th to inform us of a situation at the Leigh Social Club in which a man had indeed severed his own testicles."
    She said the man was taken to Heath Hospital but could not confirm his condition. It was reported that the man told his friends: "If Wales win I'll cut my own balls off."

    After the 11-9 victory in the Six Nations clash, the man is reported to have gone outside and severed his testicles before bringing them back into the club to show fellow drinkers.

    A local was reported as saying that the man was on medication and should not have been drinking.

  11. orangeman

    orangeman Banned

    Who ever this Fik guy is truly has mental problems. What man in their right mind would cut off their own penis?
  12. beachguy in thongs

    beachguy in thongs Registered+

    Next we have to find a story of a man choking himself giving himself head.

    Thank, Tommy & Rumble @ FM99. http://www.fm99.com/ondemand.asp :clips
  13. psychocat

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    Some women are just plain evil !

    Woman who ripped off ex-lover's testicle jailed
    10 February 2005
    A jilted woman who ripped off her ex-lover's testicle with her bare hands was jailed for two-and-a-half years today.

    Amanda Monti, 24, flew into a rage when 37-year-old Geoffrey Jones rejected her advances at the end of a drunken house party.

    She yanked off his left testicle and tried to swallow it, Liverpool Crown Court heard.

    But Monti choked and spat it out before a friend handed it back to Mr Jones with the words: "That's yours."

    In a statement read to the court, Mr Jones said: "Amanda attacked me in an unprovoked manner and the attack has ruined my life."

    Monti, from Birkenhead, Merseyside, pleaded guilty to wounding and was sentenced to two and a half years in jail.
  14. knave666

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    ^ Fuckin Scousers!
  15. daima

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    I have a friend , John, who is now, Shannon, that went through a a sex change operation. Very painful but i have never seen Shannon as happy as i have seen her in the 30+ years i have known her. She is a very bright, honest, hard working trusting person, am i am glad to call her my friend.

  16. drinksmokesleep

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    Yeh steal the balls then come back for the pole eh?:stoned:
  17. C4nn4Bliss

    C4nn4Bliss Banned

    you get that from the police website, cause i read a story like that on there, he threw his cock like inbetween throwing some knives at the police

    I think its a sin to cut off your dick, just like its a sin to be gay. Your wasting your gift of life!!
  18. drinksmokesleep

    drinksmokesleep Registered+

    FFS.....yeh like being a homophobe is wasting your life too

    Hey i just love sin...and im going straight to hell

  19. C4nn4Bliss

    C4nn4Bliss Banned

    who said i was a homophobe, i just dont agree with it

    you do what you want!
  20. daima

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    What do you call it when you have your appendix removed?
    A. An Appendectomy

    What do you call it when you have your tonsils removed?
    A. An Tonsilectomy

    What do you call it when you have a penis added to your body?
    A. An Addadicktome :dance: :dance: :dance:

    What did Jeffery Dhamer say to Lorena Bobbit after she cut off her husbands dick?
    A. Hey, you gonna eat that?:dance: :dance: :dance: :stoned:

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