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    Hey, I'm from Jackson. Where are you at?

    Someday someone will post here on Wyoming threads.

    Jackson usually has some good bud come through, but you won't hold onto it for long. Whether you blow thru a stop sign, don't have tail lights or plates, or for absolutely no reason at all, a Jackson Police or Sheriff will be on your ass before you even see the flashing lights in the rearview.

    Yup, Jackson law enforcement have NOTHING better to do than pull you over and ask you directly, "Where's the marijuana?" The won't even ask you if you smoke, it's just automatically, show me the weed.

    I have been arrested in Jackson twice, both times in High School. So has every single one of my friends just for smoking herb. This town is overrun with billionaires and snobs, bitches and blobs. The old school locals are cool, but fuck everyone else. This town has eyes, and they are out to get you.

    Fuckin Beautiful place though, the best in the world. Just don't drive and run from the pigs!
    (I appreciate almost every cop, just not in the town of Jackson. Did you know that 95% of the police force has to travel from out of the county because Jackson's prices are so high. I think everyone in this town needs to be stoned just to get through the day between the tourists and the cops.

    God Save US!

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