When do i swtich to Vegetative State?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by twitterthis, Feb 8, 2012.

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    Alright so I just started growing about a week and a half ago. I started with a long pot and I recently moved the plants into individual solo cups with holes in the bottom. I have about 18 plants or so. They are under florescent lights and they are now growing their second set of leaves as you can see in the pictures I attached.

    photo.JPG photo (1).JPG photo (2).JPG

    So I'm wondering: When do I switch the lighting to 18/6. They have been on 24 hour light since they were planted.... So like a week and a half.

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    Any time , I personally only keep seedlings on 24 until about that size , and clones go to 18/6 or 17/7 as soon as they get transplanted. Keep vegging under the fluoros for a whole , don't be hammering those seedlings with an HID for a couple more weeks.

    Are you utilising T5s or T8s? And what spectrum do you have in the units?
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    No matter , that fixture could be either , in the future try to get T5s , start paying attention to the spectrum of bulbs in those fixtures when you buy them , it's important both from a production ( growth) standpoint and also health factors.

    You'll hear a lot of different crap about veg and all the new wave lights etc, at this juncture utilise the KISS principle and just get things down solidly.

    Look I;m not going to bust your chops , I'll just point out that you might not wish to make the mistake most beginners make...........this is ****supposed to be FUN**** , don't over complicate everuthing from the begining so that it becomes much more a pain in your ass than FUN , that one factor causes a lot of folks to give up.

    At it's most basic analysis.............this is a WEED , a very tough weed , and more than one individual ( me included) has had a few that we " killed with kindness"............

    Patience is rewarded , and develop a bullshit detector as far as most retail stuff connected with this , take *everything* a given seed company says with a grain of salt , and don't get me started on the pirates and bullshit artists you're gonna find in " hydro stores" peddling the latest 40-'eleventy part " SySteM For BEEEGGBudSzzz".

    Plan ahead for your next round and the one beyond that , get your ducks in a row as far as cloning your next bunch as soon as this round is large enough to cut from. , perhaps select one to keep as a mother. And with what's going on in the legal sense you'd best put some seed away in a safe place **** at a different location than your grow**** , that way you have some possibility of staring over should something horrendous occur. **protect your genetics*** , all the fancy ass equipment in the world makes ZERO difference if you don't have something to start with.
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    You are in veg cycle mate. 24 or 18/6 is good enough for ur veg cycle.
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    Alright thanks. How long do I keep it in the veg state?
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    Until it reaches the height you want to flip it at , keep in mind stretch factors so you don't run out of vertical space in flower , as an example a double bred Afghan I keep will only stretch about .5 to 1 , meaning that if you kicked it over at 18 inches it would gain 9 inches or so in height during flowering , on the other habd a Landrace Thai that I keep for my head will stretch 3 to 1 , kicj it at 18 inches and you'll finish at nearly six feet.

    In addition...as a general rule...bigger plant bigger harvest , this however does require additional veg time , and then there is of course the added factor of some strains being notoriously slow as regards veg time , I cut the Purple Urkle from my library for that exact reason , my White Rhino is slow in veg too but make up for it in yield and just pure knockdown potency.

    Measure those puppies now , let 'em grow to 15-20 inches and kick 'em over. If you give us a strain we could give you a better idea of veg time perhaps , pardon if you did and I missed it.
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