When do I transplant.

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    Despite what my name might suggest I am rather new to this.

    I have a question on when to transplant my babies. I have 4 babies right now and I am trying to figure out when it is the right time to transplant.

    I removed the inner solo cup today and I can see that the roots are starting to grow out of the holes that I put in the bottom of the cups. This is the case with 3 of the plants, the 4th or my runt, hasn't pushed any roots out yet but she is growing fast since I figured out how to water.

    Please let me know when would be the best time to transplant and when size container I should be moving too from the solo cups.

    I have 1 gallon bags that I was going to use for the second planting but want to make sure they are big enough.

    Pictures to follow.

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    image1.JPG image4.JPG image2.JPG image3.JPG

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    Also would it be worth while for me to do a full grow log and document my first grow on the forums?

    If people have interest, or if it will be easy for me to ask questions let me know.

    I will definitely be willing to document my process I am sure that it will only benefit me in long run.

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    When the width of your plants exceeds the width of your cups, you should up pot to give the roots more room and medium to grow in. Hey, if you're willing to keep a journal here, I'm certainly willing to read it. :thumbsup:
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    I usually transplant at the end of about 6 weeks; into 6 inch pots or 8 inch pots if I'm not going to transplant anymore. :thumbsup:
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    I use 4 indicators.

    Taller than the cup is deep. -Sativa kine
    Wider than the cup is wide. - Indica kine

    Water needs and growth speeds.

    If they need water once per day, it's time.
    If the rapid growth slows, I check the roots first.
    "Water roots" are not a definitive indicator.
    They will exit a weep hole, looking for water, before the feeder roots have filled the container enough for a stress free transplant.

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    So I was going to use the 1 gallon bags from HTG supply to up pot at the end of this week but looking at the bags they are not going to give my babies much horizontal room for the roots to grow so I have decided to use 1 gallon plastic pots from HTG for my first up potting.

    These 1 gallon pots will give me 3-4x the top surface area and give me nearly double the depth for the roots to continue to spread. I am hoping that the 1 gallon pots will get me through my veg period and then I will just transfer them into the 7 gallon bags for flowering.

    If anyone has suggestions all are welcome.

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    Well I successfully up-potted over the weekend and I think that I only had minimal stress to my babies.

    I am going to start topping the two larger plants this week I just want to give the 5-7 days to adjust to their new home before the first topping.

    I am also going to start with nutrients next week after the first topping I am going to start at 1/3 the recommended dosage on the Fox Farms container so it will be about 1 tsp per gallon.

    I also put some great white in the soil under the roots before transplanting to help those roots spread.

    Here's some pictures of everyone on transplant day. The runt had more than doubled since Friday.
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    image2.JPG image1.JPG image3.JPG

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  10. TheBotanist

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    Tonight I start feeding my babies, I am feeding Fox Farms 3 part soil nutrients. I am starting off at 1/3 of the suggested dosing I don't want to burn my babies.

    I am going wait for them to be about 7"-9" before I top them the first time. (If I can top them sooner please let me know)

    I will post updated photos later today or tomorrow. (unfortunately I cannot post pictures to the boards from my phone, not the friendliest to use right now)

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    Update on the grow, I topped the plants today and gave each one approximately 1/4 gallon of water. Enough for the water to start to come out of the bottom holes.

    Since the transplant everyone is doing great and they have definitely taken off. On Wednesday I stared feeding and I am not seeing any ill effects.

    Here is a picture on the day I transplanted:
    (I cannot add picture from the phone)
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    Here are some photos after topping and growth updates.

    Day of up potting 7/28

    Week after up potting 8/4


    8/6 before topping for first time:


    Shots of everyone after topping, this was my first time so I hope I didn't screw this up:



    image1.PNG image2.PNG image3.JPG image7.JPG image5.JPG image4.JPG image6.JPG

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