When do plants show signs of SEX?

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by ItsDaGangaaaa, Mar 24, 2009.

  1. ItsDaGangaaaa

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    ello ello, i have 2 plant over a foot tall... nice looking plants :D ... its been about a month now and i was just wondering how long it takes to determine sex usually?
  2. GoldenGraham84

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    is it in veg or flower? if in veg, you might start to see preflowers around node 4-6. if in flower, sex will show within 2-3 weeks, usually.
  3. ItsDaGangaaaa

    ItsDaGangaaaa Registered+

    alright thanks heres some pics of wut im workin with... you cant tell in any of these pics but these are about a month old:jointsmile:
    btw the plant on the leftin the closet pic seems to be alot smaller i think that it was because of the pot that it was in it shoul grow alot more now

    also i was wondering do you think they are stretched? They look a little stretched to me but i just got bigger lights so hopefully that will help

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  4. Kmakok

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    dude how much light you use?
    Btw i would water them :p when the leaves are falling like that it means they are underwatered ;)
    Normally they show sex when you get them to 12/12. Wait 3-5 days and u will be able to sex them =D
  5. Greenthing

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    Too much water and the plant will show the same symptoms as underwatered.:hippy:
  6. ItsDaGangaaaa

    ItsDaGangaaaa Registered+

    dam u think im over watering? i am watering them 3 times a day.. something tells me i am. How many times should you water plants this size a day?

    btw i am using 2 23 watt cfls the spinny ones i just switched from 2 14 watt cfls i know i need more light i want to put the 2 14 watts back in with the 23 watts i just need some lamp outputs
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  7. frostedwonder

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    I would triple the amount of light, its not going to cost that much with y adapters and flat white paint etc. How far is your lights from the top of the plants? My pics on my thread are of plants that are 28 days old and kinda gorilla bushy cause I use pretty nice lights but with cfl your going to want to get some more and keep em close, my nodes are about 3/4'' from each other. Its fun growing something you like isn't it...:thumbsup:
  8. ItsDaGangaaaa

    ItsDaGangaaaa Registered+

    yeaa i need some more lights i know that, but they are about 3 to 5 inches from the top of the plant
  9. johnny123

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    i dont grow in soil but i would say you are watering way to much.from what i've read should be once every 2-3 days or when top couple of inches dry out especially with low heat cfl's.maybe someone who uses soil could confirm ?
    they look pretty good for your first? my first looked like crap mostly ha ha.
    another thing to note they are going to stretch to maybe double there size once flowering is induced with 12/12 light cycle.i also learnt that the hard way.
    hope this helps.
  10. ItsDaGangaaaa

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    alright so check it out.. right now im experiencing some technical difficultys.. not exactly with the plant.. im moving and dont really have a place to puit these puppys. the landlord could just come at any time too so i had to move them to the attic durring the day, when i go to sleep i put the light back on them, almost forcing me into 12/12 light schedual. However with all of this moving around and different light it is experiencing, and unconsistant light scheduals im hoping it dose not hermie. But i have switched watering to once a day. Heres an update with some pics.. In the third pic, im not sure if i already mentioned this but there is some kind of mutation with the smaller plant, the very top leaf has like 12or 13 (theres some leaves underneath that you can see leafs on the one leaf its weird check it out tell me what it is or what you think:jointsmile:

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  11. jajic0123

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    im wondering if this set up is ok

    i have 3 44 wat cfl's the plant is about 2 months old and 12 inches im wondering wen i should put it into flower?

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  12. kathy54

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    well technically you can start the flowering stage at 6 inches but make sure the stem is thick enough to handle the weight of the buds:thumbsup:

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