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when do you pick?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by s0st0n3d, Sep 16, 2008.

  1. s0st0n3d

    s0st0n3d Registered

    hi i'm just wondering what the signs are of the plant being ready to harvest.. .
    Also wondering if i were to keep them inside over night (there in buckets)to eliminate the frost issue could i continue to grow them longer to increase my yield?
    can you overgrow and ruin the bud?
  2. gianca

    gianca Registered+

    there is a certain peak the THC gets to, and that is when your are supposed to harvest. after that point, the THC starts degrading.

    think of it as a mountain; the climb up is the plant producing THC and other cannabanoids(sp?), the peak of the mountain top is as far as the plant will go with producing and maturing the THC, and the climb down is the plant degrading, and eventually dying.

    marijuana is a plant that completes its entire life cycle in one year. in the wild, if not seeded by a male plant, the female sensimilla(sp?) will degrade and eventually die. but if it is pollinated, it uses all its energy to develop those seeds, to "keep the family name going" and after that, also still dies.

    so in short, no. you cannot keep the plant flowering for a larger yield.

    sorry for the rambling. i ate an edible about two hours ago called "on the rise" bought from a local dispensary, which is very potent, and pure sativa. so my mind is racing, haha

    hope this helps,
  3. buddabusa001

    buddabusa001 Registered+

    how long do you think your babe has been flowering and what are your temps at night?
  4. s0st0n3d

    s0st0n3d Registered

    just over a month now. . .the hairs are turning colour and i'm getting more and more crystals everyday and temp well last night we dropped down to 5 with a high of 23 this week has been pretty cold. . .
    another question what exactly happens when frost hits? does the plant die the next day? i think were going to get frost early this year but with day time highs in the 20s its still got time to grow
  5. buddabusa001

    buddabusa001 Registered+

    id cut her down a few days just to be safe
  6. redrosesforabluelady

    redrosesforabluelady Registered+

    quick question, a little bit off topic but in california how do you get a marijuana license so you can just go in and buy what you want, i've been wanting to for so long...... if i have to become a resident i will lol

    please explain
  7. gianca

    gianca Registered+

    it is extremely simple to get a doctors recommendation out here in the great state of California. even people that don't have legit reasons to get the paperwork, can still unfortunately get it as easily as us legit users. all you have to do is find a doctor in SF that does appointments for it. you pay the upfront fee of about $100, tell the nurse what your problems are while she checks your blood preasure. than you go back into the waiting room, and wait for the doctor to call you into his office. than he asks you whats up, and what the reason your there for. than he explains everythin; vaporizing, difference between indica and sativa, when to take which one, edibles, ect. you than get your paperwork, and THATS IT! lol, easy as hell

    hope this helps,

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