When does seedling stage end

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by MeanGreenEye420, Jan 22, 2006.

  1. MeanGreenEye420

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    From when the seed actually sprouts out of the ground how long should you use a CFL or incandescent Light before throwing on a MD say 175 to 250 watts please reply input greatly appreciated.
  2. BkSkillz

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    the end of there 3rd week after sprouting the plant has finished using up all the nutrients within the seed from sprouting to that point from then on u can begin a feeding regime always starting out at least 1/2 to 1/3rd strength the recomended dosage on the nutrients instructions after that it should be good anytime to switch off secondary growth is a good indicater of vegitative growth taking off so keep an eye out once they begin veging they take off good luck
  3. J DOG 6000

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    1/4 recommended dose
  4. Garden Knowm

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    Hi Mean,
    Are you asking when you can switch to a MEtal Halide or some other HID?

    You can use the HID right away. Just becareful you don't torch your seedling.

    Use your CFL's 24 hours a day and introduce your HID 1 hour(on) a day.. and each day the seedling gets older leave the HID on an addtitional hour... by the 2nd week you should be able to leave the HID on 24 hours....

    : )
  5. MeanGreenEye420

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    Whats up man i think im just going to pase my self out on this one this is the farthest i have got plants. i think im going to let them get farly big before the switch maybe after the 3rd week. You think that much of a light change that far from seedling stage will kill it or make it grow outta control :Rasta: let me know what you think ANYONE or you knowm.
  6. Sativagrowin

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    They will get bigger faster with the HID light. I start my seedling under HID light. I just have the light a long ways above them until they get theyre second full set of leaves. Then I bring the light down to about 18" from the tops and the veg is on. LOL

    I wouldn't let them veg under CFL's if you have an HID available.

  7. BkSkillz

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    pssst knowm... i love you
  8. super420

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  9. MeanGreenEye420

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    once they get a little bigger i posted new pics

    ill throw in the HID
  10. J DOG 6000

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    I do same as Sativagrowin does up there
  11. MeanGreenEye420

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    ok and how far away are we talkin i got a variety of HID lights but they put out so much heat.
  12. J DOG 6000

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    I have a 1000 w MH 2 feet above it at first (maybe 2 1/2 feet)
    I have one fan blowing hard right on the bulb and another lightly across the top of the soil (plants).After they're a week old about I move the light to about 18 inches.Or 2 feet at the most.Depends on the heat yours turns out.and the temp of the room and control you have over that.
    Window ac units are great for getto grows ...they help with temp and bring in fresh CO2 every time it's on .And it replenishes the room with fresh cool air.Just make sure you don't have light leaks because of it.(You need to build a light baffle)
  13. MeanGreenEye420

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    Explain a light baffle

    Im kinda confused is this the hood cause if so im going to build one and add fans to it to pull heat from the bulb and blow it away from my site.
  14. redeyed

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    Ya man put your hid on it now just be carefull not to let the heat get you. I'm haveing that problem now in my new grow area, much smaller than my last one, but I just need more ventilation. If you have a small area and you only need to cool it a little try freezing a couple of two liter soda bottles with water in them and then sticking them in front of your fan, I'm asumming you have some kind of fan in you area. Hope this helps.:mad: :stoned: :D

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