When is the best time to take cutting for clones?

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by poker2, Jan 9, 2011.

  1. poker2

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    ^Title :)


    How long can I veg my indica dominate (bubba kush) plant before flowering it?
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    Im no expert with cloning but I was always told to pull my clones atleast 30min after watering and no longer than 2hrs after watering. This has always worked for me and all I ever do is put my cuttings directly in water in a humidity dome. Takes 10-20days to show root but it does work. There are of course much faster methods but like I said, Im no pro at this and don't want to offer advice about something I haven't done.:smokin:

    As for vegging your Indica...Veg on as long as you would like...Of course there will be some transplanting involved but thats nothing if you really want a big plant. I currently have a 6-footer in a 3-gallon bucket and it really is a monster producer:thumbsup:
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  3. poker2

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    Okay thanks mate, helpful info. But what I meant to ask is when... being is there a specific time to take cuttings? like a week into veg or right before harvesting(is there a specific time? or best time?)
    And my other question about veg..:)

    Thanks tho
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    I usually take cuttings around the 3rd week of veg but I never take any within 2 weeks of flower.

    I thought I answered your veg question in my last reply. Let me know if I did not.:smokin:
  5. WashougalWonder

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    It can be any time from large enough to clone to end of veg....you can even take them in flower but it takes them a long time to come around.

    I like it best when the bottom branch is 3" long or so, but it varies by species.
  6. poker2

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    Okay thanks both of you:)
    Yes, Jon you did answer my question in your first post :stoned: i didn't see it? LOL :jointsmile:

    Thanks though... just to make sure I understand everything:

    I can veg for as long as I want? (is there something like veg at least 3 weeks right? or is there a such think as the more you veg the better yield/quality? or you veg. to much?)

    Otherwise just veg until i want to flower/transplant?

    pull my clones atleast 30min after watering and no longer than 2hrs after watering. Cuttings around 3rd week of veg but NOT in the first two weeks of flowering?

    Oh and does taking cuttings harm or stress your 'mother plant' that you are taking the cuttings from?
  7. poker2

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    Ps. I think I am at day 24 of veg. My soil is dry right now so I am arguing with the idea of transplanting now or watering and transplanting once that watering drys out. Any advice on that?
  8. jon420

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    (The longer you veg the bigger the yeild for sure. Just make sure you have the room for the growth. I always go a minimum of 4 weeks in veg and then flower any time after that but I like begger plants so I veg for about 6 weeks and sometimes longer like the grow im doing now, they vegged for 7 weeks.)

    (Almost got it...I never pull any clones within two weeks of starting flower...I usually will pull all I will need for the next 2 weeks to avoid too much stress.)

    (Take cuttings in groups, instead of one every day or other day, it is easier on the plant and wait atleast 2 weeks between cuttings...This is what I see works very well for a friend.)
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  9. jon420

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    How tall is the plant and what size container is it in now? Has it been in that same container the whole time? Transplanting is easiest when dry like you were talking about too.:thumbsup:
  10. poker2

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    My plant is soil is dryyy dryy now.. But it won't come out in one piece(like a big block):wtf:
    It is indcian dominate plant from seed. Right now in a green plastic cup (with holes in the bottom for drainage) Miracle Grow Soil +a little extra perlite.
    It is about 3 or 3&1/2 inches tall right now. (I think it has been about 4 weeks from since it sprouted) It has been in the same plastic cup since I put the seed in there (after it germinated)
  11. jon420

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    MUST TRANSPLANT:thumbsup: That is very short for being 4 weeks in. Get her in to atleast a 3 gallon pot and give a good watering with 1/4 strength nutes and proper PH adjusted water and watch her grow. Check the weight of the pot before and after you water to compare weight. That is your best way to tell when you need to water if you dont have a meter.:smokin:
  12. poker2

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    Okay, thanks for the advice man.
    Should I measure the exact weight before/after of the pot using a scale?
    Or do you think just estimating with my hands would be fine?
  13. jon420

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    Be sure whatever pot you use has excellent drainage and if not, drill some holes in it. You want to water until water trinkles out the bottom a little bit and then wait until dry and do it again. You will usually be able to tell quite a difference when a plant is watered and when it needs water. Just try not to overwater. Just pick it up after the transplant before you water and then pick it up exactly the same way. You will notice a difference. You will get the hang of watering after a couple weeks. The first weeks dont require much water but when late vegging and flowering hits, you will be watering every other day and sometimes every day.:smokin:
  14. poker2

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    Wow, watering everyday..seriously? :jointsmile:
    It's a medium size clay pot with one big'ish' draingage hole in the middle...
    Would that do?(terra cotta brand pot if that matters...)
  15. poker2

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    Another thing just came to my mind...
    Can you take cuttings from a plant right before or near the time when it is ready to harvest?
  16. jon420

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    The more holes, the better. The roots use the air from those holes to breath. Watering every day does not occur too often but it may. Deffinately every other day will surely occur.
  17. jon420

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    This is something you would have to get a clonning professionals opinion on. I do have two cutting that broke off 2nd week in flower and all i did was put them in water and left them in the flower cycle. They are still growing, flowering, and they have baby roots. Its crazy. I am going to put them in veg on my next grow and see if they do anything. Hope so:thumbsup:
  18. poker2

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    Alright thanks man.
    And maybe a cloneing professional here can answer that question:thumbsup::jointsmile:
  19. poker2

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    Just got back home.. but I transplanting my seedling a little while ago. There was a decent amount of roots sticking to the side of the dirt and bottom (of the cup shaped block of dirt taken out of the 'party plastic cup')
    Now I have to watch it and hopefully all goes well:thumbsup:(knock on wood)
    I put a decent amount of water but it didn't drip out from the bottom...I will see the soil in a while and see when it needs watering before adding anymore water.
  20. canniwhatsis

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    Taking clones can be done at about any time in vege, or flower, as long as the cutting is the right size.

    I've topped a clone that was only 4" tall to make a mother plant and rooted the top as the first baby.

    Transplanting should be done just before lights out on a day where the soil is mostly dry. Your plant should be mostly root bound in the container before up potting. I grow clones in to about 4-6" tall in .5L pots (3.5" square nursery pots) then up to 1 gallon until they are about 1-2' tall, then depending on strain up to 3-5 gallon smart pots to flower. (sizes are all approximate and vary by strain, and I'm still trying to work out my best methods for my grow, so your mileage may vary ;) )

    I've never tried to clone a late flowering node,... but I guess it could be done, then re-veged :confused: But it would take such a long time that I can't imagine it would be worth the effort when you could much easier just re-vege the original plant after harvest.

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