When should I harvest? *PICS*

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by VermontVeggies, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. VermontVeggies

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    Hey all, :hippy:
    Started this girl from bag seed on April 11th. She started flowering around August 10th, meaning this is the 7th week of budding. Trikes look milky to me, I want them to be slightly amber before I harvest.

    How long till you guys think she will be ready to harvest?

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  2. LetsSeeYa

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    Man if you keep an eye on them they will puff up right before they are done. Its easy to notice as you will go out one day soon and your bigger buds will be puffed up, the bigger ones are the easiest to see. You dont want to miss out on this, because your buds will be done for sure and also much bigger:thumbsup:. I had a cola puff up over night, i couldn't believe how much bigger it got. To bad i took my other bigger buds before they had a chance to puff up. They would have been huge. You could harvest a few lower buds if you need some smoke right now, this way you will have part of your plant, but waiting for the big buds to get even bigger.

    Good luck bro:Rasta:
  3. VermontVeggies

    VermontVeggies Registered+

    Word, I'll keep an eye out.
    Are there any other indications of when she will be done? Or hints of when they are about to "puff"?

    About 1/4 of the hairs have turned orange. What percent should be orange when I chop them?

    Also... its going to rain for 4 consecutive days starting early next week. Should I cover her up??
  4. bobjob4u

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    16 years of experience tells me about 3-4 weeks. Bag seeds seem to finish on the longer side depends on genetics. In the past some finished quicker, but seems to me around 10 weeks is average. I also leave northern lights a 7-9 week plant till 10-101/2 weeks for more amber
  5. mikeyman

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    let those babies grow for a while at least 60 days.You will see the rest of the plant dying off and your buds will get frosty,...Before you chop dry a bud in the microwave at very low heat so you can sample.Keep doing this till you know your there:Rasta:
  6. MaidenUSA

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    If it's going to rain, I'd harvest. I got some mold growing on one of my plants just from misting it.
  7. mikeyman

    mikeyman Registered+

    are you sure you don't have worms in the bud i never get mold and i soak my plants with foilar spray
  8. VermontVeggies

    VermontVeggies Registered+

    One problem though....

    Getting a frost tomorrow and sunday nights. Also lots of rain in the forecast.

    You guys think it would be worth diggin it up and putting it in a 10 gallon bucket? so i can move it inside and outside... I already noticed a little bit of bud rot. i dunno, not looking good...

    what should i do?
  9. bobjob4u

    bobjob4u Registered+

    that will kill it. better off since roots are in the ground they will stay warm. Just cover plant if possiable and it will be fine..
  10. VermontVeggies

    VermontVeggies Registered+

    what should i cover it with?
  11. nugssgalore

    nugssgalore Registered+

    If they aren't too big you can get some oversized plastic garbage bags and just open them up and slip them over the tops upside down. But with some of the pictures here and the size of people's plants that might not be possible. maybe you could slip the bags over sections of the plant so they don't get soaked. if the bags are left open at the bottom the moisture won't build up inside and the ambient warmth from the ground will keep them from getting frostbite.
  12. VermontVeggies

    VermontVeggies Registered+


    yo, so i went to check them this morning, after 3 days of constant rain. and the rivers water level (which they were about 40 feet away from) raised 9 feet and went over the protective bank. so my plant is currently under about 5 feet of rushing rain/river water.

    ironic way to end my first grow! haha. much was learned, so I now have the knowledge to slay some indoor grows this winter. much to come from me,mother nature now owes me one, jahaha. so the next grow should be plentiful and high quality.

    untill then, happy harvests, and good luck against flash floods.

    fuck you, mother nature!
    Vermontveggies :Rasta:
  13. 9fingers

    9fingers Registered+

    I was really bummed to read your post, I'm so sorry . your girls were looking so good too. How long until the water level goes down ?
  14. VermontVeggies

    VermontVeggies Registered+

    I dunno, probably within a few days. You think they will be salvageable?
  15. bobjob4u

    bobjob4u Registered+

    If the water didnt lay um over they should be ok. Just consider them flushed for harvest:thumbsup: :thumbsup:hope theres no bud rot either. That is a concern this time of year. when it is wet...
  16. VermontVeggies

    VermontVeggies Registered+

    Nah she didn't lay over... Pulled her up yesterday (after quite the swim), tossed her in the bathtub, and lightly splashed cold water over her to get the little bit of mud off... Cleaned her up real nice, and then trimmed her up, leaving me with 3 piles: Fan leaves and stems, high quality trim, and buds. I'm going to go hit the buds with the hair dryer for a while, and then hang them upside down in a cardboard box in a particularly dry/hot building.

    The buds smell like vegetables though, as apposed to skunky weed. Is that just cause they are still damp?

    I tried to dry out a small nug last night, but didn't completely dry it. When stuffed in the bong it only gave off like 1/2 as much smoke as it should. The smoke did taste/smell like weed though, but the effect was minimal (slight slight head rush from 2 medium sized rips). Does this mean the flood waters hurt the trichomes or somehow damaged the plant so it is un-smokable?

    It's been quite the turn of events! :Rasta:
    VV :baggy:
  17. drudown11

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    THC isnt totally pyschoactive until it is completely dry. Wet buds wont get you as high.

    The "hay" taste and smell could be one of two things.

    1. you picked too early and didnt let the bud gain is full tastes,smells, and potency.

    2. The bud is only semi dry and hasnt been cured yet. Bud gains most of its taste and smell during the curing process. 2 weeks is usally good enough, but the longer the cure the smoother the smoke. I refuse to even sell my bud without 2 weeks cure. Anything less than that and your cheating yourself.
  18. drudown11

    drudown11 Registered+

    the hair dryer is probably what did it. You dried it too fast.

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