When to harvest - Brown pistles vs. amber trichomes?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by garybug, Sep 30, 2007.

  1. garybug

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    Hi all

    Just a quickie..

    I checked my sweetheart this morning, and about 1/3 to a 1/2 of the hairs have gone brown, buit my trichomes are still quite clear.

    I have read that you should harvest when 2/3 of the hairs have gone brown / when the trichomes are amber.

    If I leave it until all the pitsles 'die off' in order to get more cloudy / amber trichomes, am I doing the wrong thing, as I know that potency can deteriorate quickly?

    Ta muchly, and many thanks in advance :thumbsup:

  2. clovisman

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    harvest according to trichromes check FAQ section to determine when you want to harvest for particular buzz
  3. Earthy Dank

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  4. buckyboy

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    Mostly white, Do you mean clear? I thought amber trichs meant more potency.
  5. Chronisseur

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    This info is DEFINATELY available in the reading. The harvest is up to you.
    Early=heady high......Late=body high

    Earthy Danks advice is based on personal preference, just like your harvest timing!
    Good Luck:thumbsup:
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  6. Earthy Dank

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    A clear trich is pre-mature (short-lived weak high), white is peak potency, and amber is degrading potency(lethargic and lazy). You ideally want to get them when they are mostly swollen and milky. The milky stage is the longest-lasting head/body mix. This is based off the maturity of Cannabinoids and not just my own opinion.
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  7. psteve

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    Everyone here has posted the correct info.:thumbsup:
    Hair color is irrelevant.
    I harvest at the first sign of amber trichomes.:jointsmile:
  8. garybug

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    Cheers pSteve (& the rest..) - I think I'll hang on for a bit & harvest at first sign of amber.:)
  9. ocbornandrazd

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    Like I had said,I like to take some at different times,some with lots of cloudies and few ambers and some with lots of ambers.Have to have a glass or loop to see the trichomes cause the hairs just don't get me close enough.I'm old and have grown for a while,still learning and always will be,but the trichoome tip was one of the best I ever got.Don't know about u but mine are getting harvvested now and some have a little way to go.It's been a strange weather year,no?
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