When to harvest plants with seeds?

Discussion in 'Advanced Techniques' started by Pay It Forward, Jan 19, 2012.

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    When do I harvest my plants with seeds? My plants hairs are brown and seed buds are cracking. There were polinated 5 weeks ago. Thanks for your help. I can't find any help any place else.
  2. Dutch Pimp

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    you harvest seeded plants, same time as non-seeded plants
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  3. JeffersonStateGrower

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    Harvest time for seeded plants depends on why you are harvesting them, for seeds or medicine. If you are harvesting for seed, then it depends on when they were pollinated. When I harvest for seed, I put a collection trough below the plant and just let the seeds fall into it as the plant dies and am not concerned with the plant for any reason other than seed. If you are harvesting for medicine then it is just as Dutch says, harvest when the trichomes are to your desired ripeness.

  4. Pay It Forward

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    I'm Confused. Whats the difference between harvesting for seed or medicinal purposes? I want to grow the seeds for medicinal purposes? Thanks.
  5. JeffersonStateGrower

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    The timing for harvesting seeds is dependent on when the plant was pollinated. If a plant were to be pollinated in the mid to later stages of flowering, the seeds may not be ripe untill the plant is about dead, and the fruit from that plant would be far past ripeness for medicinal usage. If you are growing the plant specifically for the seed, then you can just let it continue it's cycle; just put something under the plant to catch the seeds as they mature and fall off. If you are growing the plant for both purposes, then the timing of pollination is important so that the majority of the seeds are matured at the same time as the fruit. If you are harvesting just for the fruit, then pay no attention to seed ripeness.

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